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Breaking News (February 24th, 2020) concerning the intended Russian minerals rush invading Ukraine —following the money which some think translates to power— to "claim-jump" Ukrainian geologic wealth in underground reserves.

The patriotic blue hat I am wearing dates from doing my oath-taken duty of defending a democratic America as part of General Le Mays Strategic Air Command, where I was stationed in London at the height of the First Cold War in a one step above Top Secret Photo Intelligence unit that did REDACTED and REDACTED concerning Russian intents.

In my school days I became close friends with an Estonian whose family had suffered greatly for being caught in the middle between two egomaniac dictators —Hitler and Stalin, where both used the 'Big Lie tactic' to have their narcissistic way. Part of the warning of what is really happening right now, comes from a very trusted Estonian source, who needs to remain anonymous.

Also of importance now is that an intelligent USAF "brother", since passed, was Gene Czelada, a Ukrainian-American from Long Island. Before we shipped out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard to England on an-old fashioned troop ship, I was adopted by his Ukrainian aunts that operated a deli. And, I was turned into a foodaholic with memories of tastes a not so fun potato head is trying to obliterate.

Which is why "The Prospector" is offering here, my behind the scenes reason a yet-another-misinterpretation of fairness in sharing Creator's gift of strategic minerals to mankind is strutting around with a communist/fascist Mussolini-Hitler-Stalin smirk. The in the ground wealth of the Ukraine is reported to be:

1st in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores;
2nd place in Europe and 10th place in the world in terms of titanium ore reserves;
2nd place in the world in terms of explored reserves of manganese ores (2.3 billion tons, or 12% of the world's reserves);
2nd largest iron ore reserves in the world (30 billion tons);
2nd place in Europe in terms of mercury ore reserves;
3rd place in Europe (13th place in the world) in shale gas reserves (22 trillion cubic meters);
4th in the world by the total value of natural resources;

And, perhaps the most important of all in political domination of the REE (rare earths or rocks) metallogenetic provinces containing reserves of Nepheline Syenite, the new/old pozzalina cement the Romans used to build hard to comprehend in today's structures — as the freestanding 142 ft wide dome of the Pantheon—without Steel re-bar and i-beam supports rusting. Which lead to the collapse of Florida surf-side condos. A just in time warning that many of Eisenhower's Interstate Freeway bridges need to be protected, or rebuilt completely for 22nd century longevity.

Hence, I published in February, on (featured below) in response two academic white papers:

How a Naturally Formed Nepheline Syenite Alumino-Silicate [Al2O3/SiO2] High Performance Geopolymer ‘Paste’ Is Being Left Behind In a One-Sided Race to Replace Excessive High Greenhouse Gas [GHG] Production caused by the Manufacturing of an Out-Of-Date Portland Cement Formula, and a;

— Geological Report The Scientific Way To Deal With Climate Change is to Follow Geological Events Dealing with the Living Rock of the Nepheline Syenite Alumina-Silicate family.

These scientific answers were more or less to answer a USDA/USFS District Ranger flippant evaluation of a "ghosted" and "gaslighted" USFS Plan of Action to go Underground, ecologically, from an already grandfathered-in quarry, in a large Nepheline Syenite sill under the jurisdiction of a rival Department of the Interior/ Bureau of Land / US Geological strategic minerals management. Which really did not make much news sense sense to anyone—except for the fact that I, as a "Prudent" Mining Law of 1872 miner have had a depute going with my next door neighbor on Table Mountain.

Which I naively thought was a friendly affordable ECO friendly affordable housing competition between the "stick built" houses of Koch Brothers Industries that owns Georgia Pacific /Weyerhauser Tree farm, which really is a Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (??) which controls enough land in North America to almost qualify as a European Nation?

Is this a plot for another Barry Murray historical novel?

A historical novel explaining the last unsolved mystert of WW2

Breaking News, Chapter II, (April 5, 2020) following an outbreak of Oligarchical driven Bucha War Crimes inquiries another brutal question to ask, as Russia happens to have the largest Nepheline Syenite deposit in the world.

As Dictator KGB Putin is known to maintain the control of an International Marketing Cartels, just as Donald Trump's US Forest Service recommending forest rangers prevent climate change forest fire damage by "rake artist" management, doing political damage by voting against the health of the planet where when it comes to meeting the Paris Agreement on "fake news" Climate Change. You may remember that the Fuehrer, of the MAGA MOB took the US out compliance, at the same time when Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia were “critically insufficient”. Is all of this a BIG RESOURCES, very entrenched, international "Deep State Conspiracy?"

WesternMiner is the voice of US Mining Districts "court of last resort public opinion" This is the same material that Trump Appointive of Sunny Purdue's ( previously the Governor of Georgia under investigation for favorable state forest land deals with Koch Industries) directing a hapless USDA / US Forest Service Siuslaw National Forest Ranger to exceed her jurisdictional powers by calling a Department of the Interior, US Geological Service, Bureau of Land Management up to date Recorded Mineral Claims, covering the USGS mapped Table Mountain Nepheline Syenite (where a small part was shared by an operating Georgia Pacific quarry, as shown here) is "worthless for only containing common variety road gravel"! Read the following WesternMiner's, reprint of the Spring Edition of a ECO-GoGreen-Magazine article for details.

So, imagine my surprise that Trump's largest financial supporter turned up, as reported by CBS News, also a behind the scenes Putin "the genius" supporter.

This, alleged by others, "American Oligarch" may have crossed a yet-another-cowardly-yellow line. How? This time for refusing to shut down his Nepheline Syenite plant in Russia for financial punishment for a Hitler style  Lebensraum—or “living space”claims. That, or perhaps perhaps it's simply all about following the control of money, as the $ 2,500,000 in Nepheline Syenite that Ukraine annually ships to Poland?

Even the "big lie" believers somehow cannot "politically poo-poo away" the top ten of the worst wildfires in US history needed taxpayer dollars to suppress What further studies need to reveal is the intrigue on how the governor's of Western States are politically criticized for not managing their "runaway fire-fighting budgets".

About here I should admit that as a prospector spokesperson, I also am a dedicated tree hugger that worked very well with the USFS when this horse-packer pioneered (with children 8-10-12) the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, by riding 2,500 miles, over 9 months, from Mexico to Canada.

A photographer/writer's coffee table account of a 2,500 mile family horseback vacation


Perhaps the reason why International cartels who always seem to be walking off with, tax, and/or royalty free, BIG BUSINESSES, stealing away "Prudent Man"US free enterprises, — as a rugged Lucas Poncedeleon's ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete, or a nepheline syenite supply check and balance in lassssez-faire competition with an artistic Prudent Woman "Cherie Elhman's ECO-Roman Cement. Both are an answer when it comes to fighting the "Fake News" of Global Warming Climate Change, and Political Bullies and very aware that long term "sure thing" investments in anything not connected to controlling natural resources we depend upon for survival— and offer an alternative of purchasing a buy-the-ton asset so legal investors will not be surprised, or unprotected, when leveraged hedge fund portfolio stock values dissapear.

This is an explination on the why and how of the eco-needed replacement of Portland cement.

ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete (dotcom) is the brainchild of an experienced builder who having experienced both the ups-and-down "yo-yoing" due to the whims of 'financial experts' knows that success in any form of manufacturing requires a long term fixed price on a guaranteed supply of unique materials, as a C-A-S-H formula Nepheline Syenite, and a similar sized 'foam activator' aggregate.

GoTo, when it is on-line: his programmed web site, or call Lucas Poncedeleon direct at 360-702-1870.

Also, read Russian competitors and defense literature to better understand the importance of being a protected(?) USA business.

Another GoTo website, also soon to be uploaded by architectural design artist / business book author, and and trade dollar barter expert 'Cheri' Ehlmann, at her ECO-Roman-Cement (dotcom) .

Or call a more traditional business proper 'Sharon' Ehlmann at 818-214-9800, or to discuss what really should be called a ceramic-paste-mortar, that can be easily sculpted into dramatic shapes.

Both of these miracle products come from a linear flow-through from a tightly held ECO-Minerals-Stockpile, which itself has a long-term "FoamKrete™ production partner ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA, with an all costs, plus 10%, which when added to a 10% royalty divided between the raw material principles, sets the wholesale price for the retail distributor.

This is for concerned businessmen looking for an opportunity to make money for doing the right thing.ß

As I was saying not long ago Russia happens to have the largest Nepheline Syenite deposit in the world. But, to maintain the control of an International Marketing Cartel, requires ruthless tactics, as explained in this first edition of concerning "The Scientific noted Nepheline Syenite Alumina-Silicate Family"! Which happens to be is listed along with a Rare Earth's on the US Strategic Metals List.

Why are THEY so intent to control what American Mineralogist Magazine published as “Silicified” pyrochlore from nepheline syenite (mariupolite) of the Mariupol Massif, SE Ukraine" which now is part of a independent separatist countries?

The US has only two commercial sized deposits. A very awesome independent 3M has an operation underway in Arkansas utilizing the Swiss Army Knife Nepheline Syenite for heat resistant and super glass strong products.

The other, a proven 250 million ton underground reserve on the Oregon Coast, at Lincoln County's Table Mountain, documented, by a map in Russian scientific papers, which also have proven the value of Nepheline Syenite.

Unfortunately, as documented in archived articles of this magazine, and presented to the public examination recently at as part of a battle with mutational nepheline syenite indicate, where the US Forest Service under Trump's Secretary of Agriculture USDA/USFS seems to have been be illegally following an Anti-American Deception plan that the Oregon deposit's ecologically, almost zero surface disturbance on a "grandfathered in quarry Plan of Action to wisely go underground" has been ghosted since 2018. Think— school playground bullies swiping and tossing a keep-away hat, and then pointing a finger at the victim when caught by a teacher, and blaming the hapless innocent as starting it all.

This exclusion of a locatable Aluino-silicate geopolymer cement competition seems to have been for the benefit of Trump's biggest financial PAC supporter, that currently has been operating the Georgia Pacific/ Weyerhauser pit less than 1/2 mile on the same uniform Nepheline Syenite sill that US Forest Service bureaucrats have illegally "big lie" declared that Nepheline Syenite is a non locatable "common variety" mineral.

This non-action fiction is almost Climate Change treason —as the basic chemistry of the US Geological Survey / Bureau of Mines identified standard, was listed on President Trump's Executive Order to break America's dependence on foreign minerals— so right now an appeal is being made to the Secretary of the Interior to inform the BLM that validation of their ORMC filing of Nepheline #1 through 32# (a square mile) that when it comes to mining considering any economic mineral values past that of "Common Variety" underneath the USFS surface soil, really is an Interior USGS BLM geologist/mineralogist call.

Those that wish to support a dream of affordable housing for individual stakeholders need to take a look at purchasing a $20 per in-place ton, and contracting with ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association, still in start-up stage, to flow-through with an all costs plus 10% , and tonnage owners owners 10%, basis, for delivery as a wholesale priced product.

It has not happened yet, because of the USFS hard to understand interference, but the idea is to match the Chinese FOB price of $250, which has been promised to plans of creating of truly off-grid forest fire protected villages with solar smart roofs with a clean-water harvesting ability— which members will help build rent-to-own mortgage free units.

A reprint of what the government loks for in evaluating a placer mining claim

So Lets Talk About the Importance of ECO-Mining-Milling

I get it ... that I have Internet adversaries that apparently have been waiting for the old "TheProspector" to saddle up to cross the Great Divide. Maybe my job for the last 67 years since being a "Prudent Man" staking mining claims — after making a valid discovery— as part of the Great Uranium Rush of 1955, is still reporting from the field, or from the higher ground of a clean-air mountain top. Perhaps not having to breath city air is the reason I have invited my VA primary care doctor/friend to my 100th birthday party (only 17years away) because "99 and a half just wont do." And just to be safe about this, know I have taken measures that should make any premature accident, a bit personally expensive

Problem always seems to be that the the Back East "silk stocking and Italian shark skin slipper" financial side of mineral exploration, had no use for the Western "wool stocking and snake-proof boots" in a finder's position. So, what has changed about the "pump and dump" cheater gold schemes having been exposed for what they are?

Nothing, except that the few of us sill around that understand "Industrial Minerals" —as a replacement of greenhouse gas production of dirty Portland Cement— and knowing the inside story on "Strategic Minerals" —as Rare Earths— are considered bad news by international "offshore" cartel corporations that think the "G" on a red MEGA hat stands for Great!

Sorry about that. Ask Michael Douglas about "greed", being good, when the translation for "qualified insider investors" with a $million+ chip buy-in to a hold'em game, works out as a HFT advantage of GREED = Global Reactionary Electronically Escalated Domination.

What is really needed is to Make American Mining Great Again by actually doing something productive instead of shuffling a stacked deck to play another financial GameStop vs Robinhood; "Blank Check IPOs vs anything defined by being Digital Gold. I invite those who have not outgrown the fun of banging on rocks to pick up something tangible to stick into your own retirement portfolio. Plus, Lucas promises to send a hat that will fit any increased brain-powered sized head.

Here is one quick rock-to-ash-back-to-rock solid flow-through investment opportunity for individuals, of an unique Industrial Mineral known as Nepheline Syenite —dominated by Russia, Norway, China,Canada, where the only US competitor in the affordable building materials market is 3M.

1) FoamKrete™, a CO-OP where those who have purchased a $20 ton become a 2.5% royalty dealer in a do-it-yourself affordable house building product/ and or manufacturers of AAC Concrete truck-able tilt-up wall units. As Nepheline Syenite is a PH neutral natural occurrence of soluble alumina / silica it cannot be protected by patent, or a franchise. The trademark is used along with nature's scarcity to prevent other foaming cement suppliers to pretend they can offer the same off the scale 'R" values, water and fire protection. ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA —, 503-753-5868— is looking for buy-in working members that have something other than know-it-all opinions on why it can't be done.

2) ECO-Housing-America is to be a pass along opportunity for buying into the building of an off-grid, solar smart rainwater harvesting, self contained village built upon infrastructure challenged land. Since this strong, 3D printable new/old Roman Geopolymer Concrete formula has a forest fire resistance of four hours at 3,000 degrees, and being a hydraulic mixture will still be standing after a flash floods and hurricanes. Start-up buy-the-in-place ton should contact either Sharon Ehlman, or Lucas Poncedeleon., and are the authority on small mining ventures, with promise, in the West of the United States.