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I may have returned from cyber hell ... with a long, big picture, free advice lecturing letter from TheProspector, Barry Murray, your publisher!

     Note the date today, as I am writing this editorial on Pearl Harbor Day, which I remember very well as a three year old listing to a consul floor model radio for every scrap of any kind of breaking news available in those days. I was scared further, by my very wise mining law attorney father saying, "well there goes the defense of 'Fortress America'!

     Which was something understood in our Scots/Irish heritage of the "over the mountain" men of my family having driven the redcoats out of the Carolinas at Cowpens, and Kings Mountain. And, just a generation later five great something grandfathers driving them away from attacking our homeland second time at New Orleans.    

     Of course my Dad, who had been raised in Honolulu, and was a summertime deck hand on an inter island schooner, rushed of to volunteer in the Navy in hopes of skippering a PT "sub chaser." His officer request was turned down, for a higher rank in the JAG corps, which he turned down.

     Fortunately, as when FDR closed down all gold mining with LL248, to fight the first major war without gold or silver backing, Wm. B. was directed to leave our family's Alaskan Gold Rush underground operation, to re-open up an Oregon chrome mine he had unsuccessfully defended from an IRS seizure.     

      As it was, I lost a great- something Army Colonel Uncle to a samurai sword beheading by a Tojo Terrorist on the Batann Death March; which was sort of evened out a bit with a Prospector/Athabaskan Cousin in Alaska that had scouted behind the lines with a hand-to-hand handy cold steel hunting knife on mission, all but forgotten, of repelling Japan troops landing on American territory and progressing up the Aleutian Islands.     

      Fortunately I survived the un effective shelling of the Oregon Coast by submarine, and the Emperor's school children enemies building simple paper firebomb balloons released to burn down Oregon forests. My next lesson by living was to interact with "Jap" school age kids (US citizens all) coming back to Portland from America's version of German concentration camps, and instantly becoming very good friends. And later on, brilliant colleagues who totally disproved mankind's insanity of supposedly fighting wars over ethnicity.

      Which in turn allowed Syrian-American Steve Jobs, and his equally brilliant Japanese-American, much marketing "Guy" Kisowki, to show how insanely great sharing the wealth together lead Apple to financial stability of our nation.  

      The point of this drawn out old-mans rambling tale is ... besides getting a historical novel out of my First Great Depression , and Second World War "scarcity experiences of rationing the abundance of the earth" ... is that to blindly follow the power curve of "control freaks" who wish to control through mind numbing senselessness by attacking first without verifiable truth, is destruction.

       General Tojo's great gamble was for Japan to try and overcome economic fears of embargoed oil. So what has changed in the Anglo Oil / OPEC continuing surprise attack battles in the Middle East, that were brought to America in a 9/11 "battleground" of the World Trade Center, that hosted many financial institutions, and a below ground bullion storage bunkers.

       Nothing? Just a "shock and awe" fizzle that taught misunderstood international terrorists of today switching to virtual roadside bombs along the Internet Highway, and other awesome cyber weapons to bring down other NYC monuments, as the NYSE, etc.!

       Who are these antonymous warriors of the first truly Global Financial War?  Don't waste time trying to figure the why of the attacks on a humanity of worldwide free trade. Just follow the stolen money trail back to the counting houses of the Kings of control, advertised as the leaders of a fair for all supply and demand based enterprise system that offers wealth for everyone through hard work. Which, from my remembered WWII history lessons, was the promise on the arches leading into Hitler's death camps.

       Enough of current events, reoccurring.

Gold Bars

The reason I happen to be aware of the "choosing sides" happening today?

       I am closer to the source of diversified investment information on the small business side of  mining opportunities with an Edward Deming TQM long-term management constancy of purpose to end up with a sellable product, instead of printing promises.

       For example, my flippant answer over free trade and favored foreign investors flipping a hedge fund 'reserve' is to ask, "How does one physically flip a lead mine over a floating spot price commodities market?"

       Such questions, ignoring the magic of "best kept secret" SEC allowed financial press releases over the "breaking mining news" about a small cap company no one has ever heard off finding a bebe size pellet by drilling only 600 feet, has really made me a lot of enemies. Ditto that for colorful comments about green sheets, and EB-5 cards being sold in Asia to fill a shortage of American '43-101 qualified' workers, not being an answer to red herring "Reg D" exclusion of blue sky investors, for not already being a qualified millionaire.

       What really a cyber attack on all of our web-ring linked magazines may have come from free speaking this observation on
       This observation in what is called a "short" commentary today on TV, is being written on a new state of the art communication tool, so far away in nanoseconds off  "Main Street" where there is no possible way for individual mining sectors investors to compete against 'Flash Traded' management.  So,  follow your own due diligence information gathered and avoid being herded as sheep by 'street barkers' into a safe corralled to be flocked! Watch out for any financial advisor with sheers in hand setting a sell now stop price that won't make any sense at all by the next days buy price puts you out in the cold without a coat of fleece. And hope for a emergency HFT transaction tax to help pay the bill for under funded government "fair trade" regulators.

     As I am, a small business publisher, without the protection of a large IT department to tell me what I already know, I may have accidentally have written some other "disinformation thought police" phrases, as seem from the reading of my website host stats, that triggered keyword misdirection hack attacks of spoofing, phishing. Bot spider crawler copyright theft violations, all, if Mr. Anonymous could ever be tracked down.

       The really vicious "denial of service through censorship" sabotaging your search for mining finance due diligence information has, through the number of suspect spam, unasked for, and unauthorized links, almost closed us down.

Some of this wall of noise was from Chinese firms wanting my SEO business, which is curious in that Asian search engines had a 98% visited rate over the 30% ; Russian porn sites offering very young "brides"; and spaming New York consultant/blackmailers, who just happen to know how to make your spam e-mail problems go away? Especially the ones that may be infected with malware, as I experienced, that had me, as being quizzed for my perhaps being an imposter. 

       Being that my high end gloss print magazine Economic Currents early 90's publishing career was based upon Ben Franklin's business newspaper delivery invention, I am suggesting going back go back to snail-mail for the really important stuff. Or, at least a wide area network (WAN) antenna on every post office to deliver a "first class" mail delivery protection, with an authentic return receipt backed by postal fraud inspectors, and the "paid for authentication" of business mail mail to replace spam not subject to FTC business advertising regulations. Those only interested in fun social connections, or downloading paid for films, most likely enjoy their wireless bandwidths back.

       Yes, you can consider this a retreat from the suffering of being an honest communicator on the "supply side" of a diminishing number of mining claim holders, already entrenched in our, mountainous fortress. Kevin Costner is our Postman. We few, we nobel metals few, really should be listened to, and rarely are. Especially when it comes to the misinterpretation of 5,000 year long market studies manipulating the value of metals to play the long at short commodities game. So I suggest you may need to pay a little price coming to the mountain for free information.

       As, mineral feed stocks happen to belong in the primary class of a "basic need" for food and shelter. Something that is produced by being grown, raised, harvested, pumped, collected, or mined from The Earth. And even better preparing for the future, metals do not mold as pork bellies and bushels of wheat. Nor do they increase, as herds of racehorses. So where where is 'vig' coming from?

When did magazine writers become penny shopper journalists?

        As an in-the-field professional magazine writer with credits in LIFE, and a boots-on-ground prospector with world class finds from Alaska to Panama, I have for 60-years witnessed how the "financial side" of the American mining business has almost been destroyed through a multinational demand for a Bernie Madoff  twenty percent return, as calculated by Arthur Anderson. It is almost to the point that people working underground, kept in the dark, are experiencing financial difficulty for being stupid enough to risk bankruptcy for continuing to operating to actually replace above ground stockpiles. Think you can find a bargain buy for a working gold mine for zero interest cash? Good luck on that.

       My further stupidity was overlooking the importance of "top secret" strategic metals stockpiles, known since my uranium days in '55, and really twisted a tigers tale not very long ago. Try clicking on the magazine rack heading up this reformatted page, for information from a half hidden "Strategic Minerals" source, that just disappeared with a "poof" off the Internet for displaying the American flag, along with of a Chinese gold bullion bar on the cover?

       The lead story of that issue was on the loss to San Bernardino County, and fortress today, and the US taxpayer, over what has happened to our stockpile supply of rare earths. As I fair-use quoted Lesley Stahl of Sixty Minutes being quizzical about this very same project going bankrupt, you query her for news on the aftermath. As mentioned before, we cannot afford a well staffed IT department, as Sony Pictures used to fight cyber attacks, or CBS's Free Speech lawyers to defend their right to tell the truth.

       I, for years as a bonfire First Amendment publisher via the Information Highway, that understands readership demographics, and how magazines survive on advertising revenue, have come to the conclusion, as have some many financial industry commodity "name" newsletter experts, that the time has come to actually charge the reader of a well researched market study, backed by verifiable documentation, a small reading fee, per article.

      This would be a win for our readers for the opportunity to be first in line to go around PR / stockbrokers who don't who don't know a mine from a hole in the ground, who are more interested in building their own Long positions in bullion , instead of your Short lived retirement funds.

       What will a self contained, locked for protection from alteration, Adobe PDF download cost? That depends on the rebuilding of our magazine empire from a loss of believability.

       I don't have the time right now, trying to rebuild my e-mail "blacklisted" reputation, for the answer on how to advertising mining properties, which somehow are classed by some as securities. I think I defined the answer through TQM logic in that mining really is a manufacturing business, and for that reason the end product can bought and sold just as if a barrel of oil.

To test my boldness I will be using a couple of my own market studies featuring the multiple products that will depend upon the developing uses of a nepheline syenite sill covering a mile, with 32 individual claims.

If you have heard the Wall Street news of Si being an answer for free energy, then take a look at the (outdated for now because the silver is spoken for) ROI bundle for solar energy, at the chemical purity of my previously ignored SiO2.

This time around the downloads are free, at least until upgrading with a clean air steel flux process that will help meeting what are now global carbon emission air standards.

The reason I am uploading older information here, for free, is it will take a bit of time to update how this mineral may be involved in the Wall Street news of a Si chemical solar energy breakthrough. To be put on the breaking news mailing list, call me at 503-753-5868, or try our new e-mail of
Market Report NephelineSiO2 source
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This message really is for those who have behind this web stats scenes unauthorized links to a business selling URLs, or domain names that have a tricky dot net in the domain name or some other country initials, in harmony with those selling independant content by contract writers. I actually might like to see a straightforward query, from contract expert editors, that don't want to damage their journalistic career. How about caught up in this scandal using their insider information to write an e-book on Internet Sabotage!
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