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China's great leap forward in gold ; What is Fools Gold? ; Looking small into Nano Si02 ; Green Mining dealing with Global Climate Change ; A rare opportunity to buy a working gold mine.
Opportunities in Unknown Minerals over the undervalued : Mother Earth is our Time Proven Source of Wealth : The coming correction in paper mining stocks that do not actually own any mineral stored in underground vaults, or documented reserves.


Do not waste time here looking for mining advice out of a multinational Europe on how big a 'salted' Briex project can be through the classic mistake of buying into the idea that, "You too can become an overnight rock star" by wailing away on a the biggest reverberating base machine ever built!

Realize, also, that there are two sides to understand (winner/looser) in an industry that lately seems to thrive on disinformation to attract investors in a zero interest credit card time, that they are invited to play the shell "pump and dump" game, where most likely the distance from a flash trading connection across the bridge in New Jersey, determines who is going to benefit from those promised 20% returns simply for knowing "the best kept secret", as advertised on the World Wide Web!

To make that statement a little more understandable, know that heavy metal mines are difficult to flip, or free trade export. As it is multinational 'cartels' seem to have depleted US strategic metal stockpiles for a hawg's share of personal gain, that non-accredited investors with a $1 Million plus bank account do not have a chance of following a rainbow across financial borders to a pot of gold.

MiningMagazines.com is a small business, dedicated to small investors finding direct opportunities with small miners in the "Code of the West" mining district states open to the Mining Law of 1872. We are more concerned with the validity of a physical mineral discovery, than defining the Depression Era "no-no" of buying on the margin for repackaging for casino capitalism as a 'hedge fund bet' or any of the other derivative engine Wall Street has a talent of inventing.

Point is, rock solid small mining has been understood for 5,000 years as the way to extract the true wealth of the Earth. The product of these small manufacturing bushinesses is a product that can be measured in a honest profit and loss statement by a start-up joint venture team.

And yes, such statement of such truths seems to have annoyed the less than honest to the point that cyber war villains reacted to First Amendment opinions on our GoldMining.net web site that our daily readership, and advertising numbers, from 300 per day, overnight to three.

Our MiningInvestor.com, that also lost readership overnight, seemed to be the censorship trigger that annoyed someone in China, Russia, Ukraine, London, and that offshore bankster's isle of Mad-as-a-hatten. Sorry about that as somebody needs to supply a reliable third party source of information.

To recover from our loss of revenue from our information only, copyright protected, articles being spoofed and phished to the point that our "editor@miningmagazines.com" e-mail is somehow being misdirected to La La Land. The trail back to our breaking even as a publisher seems to be that the important stuff has to be protected in locked (against any change) Adobe PDF that may be downloaded for printing out a paper trail.

Sorry that ... OMG ... we have not developed today's communication skills set of actually doing homework without reading, to be able to say, "Trust me. I know all about this!"



Click the ore cart to read the 21 page information only article, or save as a virus free PDF download.


Back on the trail again from MiningMagazines.com being hack-attacked, here from 2013 the so-so editorial article that apparently lead to a Mr. Anonymous out of New Zealand being so zelious in personally labeling Barry Murray as a possible fraud?

Oh well. Can't please all of our readers looking for free independent third party thinking used to showcase other claim holder prospects.

Opportunities we trust from a collected 100 years of field experience to really have something valid to sell outright; or let out on a standard 'miners production lease'; or best of all a protected from flipping "earn in joint venture".

At least some of our "bullion" Adsense Banner Advertisers liked the heads up at the time. Content they began use in their phone sales calls. And now as a portable mining investment information source concerning that can be legally forwarded for not being a "pump and dump" security selling paper instead of product. Or being used for leveraged insider's IPO.


This 9-page MiningInvestment101-1.pdf white paper was the first in recovery for MiningInvestment.com.

As MiningMagazines.com does not own, or sell stock in any gold properties, the content of this magazine style 'think piece' is entirely made possible by "PBS style" support of generous donors

Expect that the truth of mining investment, as seen from the supply side of the business, will end up in a $20+ hard bound book that cannot be censored on the Internet.

So, as we really are in need of quality content, instead of sending us unsolicited and undocumented spam mailed PR puff pieces, how about suggesting a possible freelance article (similar in style to "Foolish Gold" with an old-fashioned query letter to the editor of MiningInvestment.com?






Now we come to a 32 page click-to-download E-Market Report on a mineral few have heard of that has nanotechnology chemistry.

Note that our Barry Murray (TheProspector) is the 77-year old single signer owner of these claims, and open to selling proven ore by the ton for a private placement alternative start-up engine selling product instead of paper.

The retail product FoamKrete.com, is used as an additive to the final mixing of concrete for affordable housing units. One bag of the similar priced cement after-mixture pumpable foaming agent, will expand the wall building material in a simple mold, four to five times in volume.

Besides saving $'s, the attractive home will be forest and brush fire safe; have an almost unbelievable insulation "R-Value" of a closed "envelope", which also would stand a better chance of surviving hurricanes, flash floods, tsunamis, mudslides, or earthquakes.


Mining Magazines, and our also under attack GoldMiningClaims.net, really only have one editorially recommended prospect to offer readers right now.

Those that trust our reputation that all that is involved here is a one-time "placement fee" for exposure of a prospect that cannot legally advertise shares of stocks for sale.

We know this property well for having been a neighbor in the run-up of gold in the 1980's.

Dan and Cindy are out working their claims, and hard to reach right now. So please realize we are not finder-fee brokers holding back offers for a larger fee. Do not call us for more info.

Click the cover of this 19 page PDF containing maps and reports read on-screen, or download for a paper trail record.






Another junk pile survivor of the off-shore multinational tidal wave that crashed ashore to deluge disinformation on the last of independent US Mining interests.

This 2011 five page PDF, with a $1 price tag to download, also may have been a MiningInvestment.com target , as was the 2013 golden "great yawn" piece featured above.

This no advertising download is free for now until it is updated.

And this is a rescue of the worth saving articles of an almost defunct GoldMining.net that was punished for not following "party line rules"!

We don't feel that the web stats documentation of this free on-line magazine went from 300 unique visitors per day, to 3 unique visitors per day, almost overnight, is simply paranoia.

Author Barry Murray, at 77 years old, will be keeping these memoir stories for his TheProspector book when he sells the URL held in his name for ?

But, for now, clicking the cover will lead deep into the web archives, funded by banner ads, placed by businesmen on our side who understand what truthfully could be said about gold ventures ... "Hey, it's a jungle out there"!





Here is a list of targeted on-line publications we will be re-building to avoid passing along any sort of self serving malware 'mischief' misery from some very stupid operators who think they are above the law.

Silica-Ore.com ; Property-Prospect-Showcase.com ; MinersExchange.com ; WesternMiner.com ; Mining-Equipment.org ; Dimensional-Stone.net ; Iron-Ore.net ; GoldMiningClaims.net ; NevadaMining.net ; DiversifiedInvestments.net ; TheMiningInvestor.com

There are other URLs dating from the rush to register a claim, way back in the days of Dot-Com failure, but know that all are open to bundling into a legitimate joint venture.

But for now, damn the 404 errors we are getting for doing the right thing by deleting vulnerable the back door archives. Want to help maintain the mining side of truth... lets us know by CONTACTing Barry Murray, direct, the 1986 founder of Mac&Murray Publishing.

All materials on this site are subject to civil and criminal protection by Copyright © 1997-2016 by Mac&Murray Publishing. Our PDF downloads may be passed along intact without change.