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What is Fools Gold? ; Looking small into Nano Si02 ; Green Mining dealing with Global Climate Change ; A rare opportunity to buy a working gold mine.

Opportunities in Unknown Minerals over the Undervalued : Mother Earth is our Time Proven Chartable Source of Wealth : The coming correction in over manipulated leveraged paper mining Stock Companys that do not actually own any mineral stored in underground vaults, or Documented Reserves.


One of the best placer mining books ever written,,, with working comments.

OUR URL's FULL DISCLOSURE "Red Herring" NOTICE simply reads READS, a SOURCE of INFORMATION for individuals on Smaller Mining Projects for Small Investors. Those who think they cannot compete with the Mineral insider Investor's IPO's, undocumented "Pump and Dumps", or Casino Capitalism "Judas Goat" Trust Funds preying on corralling sheep to be flocked for shearing of a "safe" retirement portfolio.

Three years after MiningMagazines.com was hack attacked by a few alleged competitors for PR 'mining money managers', destroying our readers right to mining professional documentation upon which can make an informed, we a slowly bringing our views per day back using secured Acrobat PDF's for the free transfer of First Amendment Information , that are not that easy to being phished, spoofed, or misdirected.

imply reads READS, a SOURCE of INFORMATION for individuals on Smaller Mining Projects for Small Investors. Those who think they cannot compete with the Mineral insider Investor's IPO's, undocumented "Pump and Dumps", or Casino Capatilism "Judas Goat" Trust Funds preying on coralling sheep to be flocked for shearing of a "safe" retirement portfolio.

Three years after MiningMagazines.com was hack attacked by a few alleged competitors for PR 'mining money managers', destroying our readers right to mining professional documentation upon which can make an informed, we a slowly bringing our views per day back using secured Acrobat PDF's for the free transfer of First Ammendment Information , that are not that easy to being phished, spoofed, or misdirected.


* FoamKrete is a non-toxic natural (unpatentable) mix of naturally soluble nano Alumina powder (Al2O3) with a very pure nano Silica sand aggregate (Sio2) locked into Oregon's in a very rare earth, and uniform sill deposit of Nepheline Syenite.

* FoamKrete's natural chemistry is almost the exact same as nepheline syenite selling for $250 per ton when ground down to face powder -325 fineness in China, where 3D printing houses with a pumpable CLC for $5000 was pioneered.

* FoamKrete has recently been proven as an affordable after mixture to ordinary cement that expands output from a mixer, which may be pumped on a building site into "yeast bread pan forms" for curing, and tilting up as small house walls that also happen to be Class 1 Wildfire protected, with a 'R' value of twice that of the popular cotton candy "pink" stuff found in big box hardware stores.

* FoamKrete, 80% hydrogen bubbles, would also be a do-it-yourself, or small builder hit, when the 'solid' cement envelope protection economics may be explained that buying one bag of cement, and a similarly priced bag of FoamKrete, would replace the need for three additional bags of cement on site.

* And, recently nepheline syenite has been further proven by $10,000 3D printed "stone" houses in Russia, to be smarter, better, cheaper, and more wolf (tornadoes, flash floods, tsunami raising tidal waves) resistant than wasteful stick-built housing.

* This paper is directed towards individuals who no longer trust the concept of paper money buying into paper stocks... instead of a flow-through project that could lead to the startup of a much larger ECO Housing of America which would be a perfect match for the new Tesla Solar roofing tile just being released.

Financing a mining project based upon proven tonnage of marketable mineral

This, in a time of "Who Do You Believe is Real?" is backed up with a physical mail address ( POB 678, Waldport, Oregon 97324, and a phone number (plagued by robo-calls) 503-753-5868, where the dark lurking anonymous competitors insulted by my late night comedian smart ass attitude about our "annomyus ruling" class, can show-up to punch me in the nose. I would welcome the opportunity to self-defend my sense of 78-years of honor.

My personal e-mail address is available inside this PDF.

Telecommuting at the extreme, from a wilderness office, WesternMiner.com is a place to look for qualified mining prospects.

FOLLOWING the "Prudent Man" rule as defined in the United States MINING LAW of 1872, where only 19 states [listed in the WesternMiner.com database that only lists valid investment opportunities known as unpatented mining claims] open to "Mineral Entry." we have to apologize for a shortage of for real gold mining projects that one can buy for no paper money down.

MINING LAW of 1872 un-patented claims is a legal contract with Americans in a PARTNERSHIP with the surface management through a governmental CFR "do it right, plan of operations" filing on already permitted "added value mineral in character" claims.

As interpreted by the Bureau of Land Management, and the US Forest Service. Know that fraudulent unproven claims are subject to null and void closure, which is why no title insurance company with an understanding of risk will participate in AIG style coverage of stupid TARP decisions.

Even older established fee-simple patented mining claims government have been in conflict with the newer 1931 REGULATIONS of the SEC, and 1932 private self-industry regulations which have tried to protect stockbrokers from being sued for promulgating "Alternative Facts." Said regulations that seem to change from which way the hot air from political changing winds is blowing. Especially as corporations can not stake Association Placer Claims.

We few, we noble few independent placer prospectors / anti-coal underground mining developers claim to be the only ones on the supply side of the hard rock "Mined in the USA" hit, which in almost lost on best sellers lists. And, as such, we are very opposed to multinational financial "free trade" mining corporations ignoring the Constitutional Protected Mining Law of 1872 principle requiring that to stake a claim, one has to be a US "Prudent Man" citizen.

We also absolutely oppose that American mining professionals are 43-101 discriminated against by Canada's TSX Venture Exchange that offers only half the security regulation protection governing US mining investment. This is an egregious anti-free trade discrimination of Mining Law of 1872 properties. As in the case of an Alaskan lead mine too heavy to transport for a pump and dump flip, by a Canadian Merrily Lynching of ignorant casino supposedly US capitalism hedge fund losers, to shut them up.

A supply side of mining prospector doing a due dilligence investigation in the field


Recent hostel takeover (claim jumping) events require we to add an information only warning bulletin on what has been happening with State of Alaska mining claims (the only state that has their own registry) and their securities regulations. Alaska being only one of three US states that treat LLC's like a security best marketed by going public through a way back East razzle dazzle IPOs.

Which rarely benefits the "outsider" trader puzzled over HFT CEO golden parachute compensation isn't reflected in P/L statements of operating and producing gold mines going bankrupt for the conveniently timed window advantage of over-staking the uninsurable un-patented 'real property.'

Alaska's Department of Lands seems to have joined the side of dark deception, in favor of TSX corporations selling EB-5 Green Card pathway to US citizenship visas in Asia. How? By reminding existing underlying valid Alaska mining claim holder's to file their "must be accurate" Annual Assessment Work Affidavit before the drop-dead cut-off date, while closing remote "bush" recorder's offices required to comply, at the same time! In the BLM days as US Postmaster's dated stamp was validation.

I should mentioned that this is not fake news, in that a property I had been developing since 1968 (before State of Alaska selection) that I have personally invested $400,000 into, was lost to who(?) for the want of an annual $4,000 rental holding fee, through remotely choosing to try a convenient e-Mail electronic payment, instead of a physical, registered mail document.

As there have been some Alaskan's convinced that "America's third world country" really should go back to the protection of Mother Russia, perhaps this is the reason MiningMagazines.com has been so viciously hacking attacks from Russia, China, Vancouver, B.C., and that offshore banking island of Manhatten, that disagree with our editorial conclusion.

After all, they reason the Russia one can see on the horizon the gas pipeline experts, with their own vast supply of nepheline syenite, that didn't see a need for putting Alaskan's to work on my www.AlaskaRangeSolar.com, now defunct, start-up project.

So this is why we are changing all of our publications to protect claim holders, and small LLCs, or Master Limited Partnerships looking to sell the claims on contract, trade, lease, joint venture their mineral rights, or to use the latest "financial engine" of selling legal mineral underground proven reserves by the ton. A far better method of security for those who wear wool than the "trust me I am sooo smart" silk stocking boys.

An extra step protecting our clients from spoofing, phishing, and denial of e-Mail explained in the example secure Adobe Acrobat PDF business plan, accessed by clicking on the banner below.

Low Cost new housing housing can be achieved by FoamKrete.com

WHY Nepheline syenite is a CLIMATE CHANGE CURE for Affordable HOUSING:

Oregon's Table Mountain Nepheline Syenite Quarry/Mine contains a unique all natural, non-toxic, FoamKrete [tm] after mixture that expands ordinary cement four to five times through a hydrogen bubble insulation almost off the “R-Value” scale, that also withstands forest fires through a Class One four-hour rating.

It is an affordable home material because instead of buying five bags of cement to build a strong wall, replace four with an equally priced bag of FoamKrete [tm], to build even stronger PSI structures.

As a small home with a sealed envelope boat floor is 80% air “survival bubble building” which could float during a time of flooding, and tidal surge tsunami waves. Plus ride out mudslides and earthquakes, as well as offering protection over stick built homes in hurricanes and tornadoes.

All of these claims can be found on the technical “Gray Gold” university level PDF documentation on the advantage of CLC concrete mineral is available at ECOhousingofAmerica.com. Or, on YouTube where Third World countries with nepheline syenite CLC houses are being built for less than $5,000 each.

The only other readily soluble natural raw material source of AL203 Alumina, and Si02 Silica aggregate chemistry, used as it comes from Mother Earth may be purchased from China for $250-$300 FOB. The only other thermal mineral affordable chemistry suitable for building houses in the US is 3M’s AAC steam cured output of completed (windows, wiring, plumbing) wall sections from their New Mexico quarry.

And as established concrete delivery organizations are not very interested selling 60% less, especially when Cellular Light Concrete requires an after-mixer / pump on site the answer was to go after an almost “do-it-yourself” project through a CO-OP delivering bags of cement along with a rental mixer, after mixer/pump , and forms with design patterns that lay flat on the ground to allow the “bread dough” to raise before being tilted up to be bolted together.

So to keep it affordable the business plan of selling both quality, plus quantity, is for an individual to buy a one ton in place certificate for $10. This, plus another $10 (+ $5 handlers fee, for a $25 total buy-in) will go to open a contract with FoamKrete ("a yourself LLC”) to mine, mill, and deliver to a close by rail / barge/ truck facility, where the owner of the certificate could pay the balance on the prorated processing costs (plus 10%) to take delivery.

Or, the certificate owner could continue on with the product through regional FoamKrete distribution systems (again prorated costs + 10%) for ROI returns. And flowing on again it could be the individual’s choice to be part of a totally off-grid ECO villages made possible by third generation thin film solar embedded in a silica rainwater harvesting rooftop, hurricane tough, etc, etc.

The individual 1-ton certificate owner may, of course, to be legal, place his hopes elsewhere, if in compliance with USFS regulations. The check and balance here being that the underlying mining claims, put into a trust to protect the title, requires a “partnership” with the US Forest service through a validated plan of action (six weeks yes, or no) to be as conservationist as possible, no matter how many high-priced lawyers wasting years of everyone's time. This, in turn, is a balance for Foamkrete to do the right thing, or risk loose a continuing mining claim contract.

The other risk is once everything is running smoothly there may be a reasonable ten times increase to the $10 per ton buy-in base, to reward the startup team, and the infrastructure investors of FoamKrete.com. This ROI increase most likely will not be from legally publically advertised speculation for "flipping," as the returns will be solidly based upon the product sold, for whatever the adjusted value of paper may be at the moment.

It also should be stated openly before any more stealth cyber attacks upon a long time legitimate "real news" Information Highway source (as MiningMagazines.com's www.TheProspector.com which has been online before there was a World Wide Web) which could be-be just one of many blatant strikes sparking a WW3, that may be won by financial manipulation.

This "free speech" censorship missile which many more "Paranoid" editors are experiencing today, completely blew our articles concerning the cost saving mistake of closing much needed Bureau of Mines research facilities, was accomplished by stealing MiningMagazines's URL www.strategicmetals.net, away with a "poof", for actually daring to support 60 Minutes Leslie Stahl's questions concerning the bankruptcy of America's rare earths.

So much for following the old standards of the Good House Keeping Magazine Seal of Advertising Approval. I can, as www.TheProspector.com, only offer a sixty-year reputation for telling the truth about the following PDFs, locked against theft of document phishing.

Warning these un-flipple projects do take due diligence homework time to read through to find the owner's contact information. Our guarantee to readers is that MiningMagazines.com has set foot upon many of the the advertised opportunities.

Hint. Do not offer to buy an operating gold mine for no money down.

Click the cover of this secure 19 page PDF containing maps and reports to read on-screen, or download for a "paper trail record".


GoldMiningClaims.net, also under hacker attack through illegal[?] links from Russian pornographic sites. Consequently only have one editorially recommended prospect to offer readers right now.

Those that trust our reputation know that all involved here is a one-time "placement fee" for exposure of a prospect that cannot legally advertise shares of stocks for sale beyond that of a "joint venture."

We know this property well for having been a neighbor in the run-up of gold in the 1980's that today has been over-run by foreign interests buying back Alaska to turn us into an EB-5 green card third world nation.

Does that sound a bit on the angry side? Yes. But understand, as a professional freelance photojournalist, with credits in LIFE magazine, etc. I resent the Canadian 43-101 validation requirement being applied to "free traded" American mining and media properties.

Dan and Cindy are out working their claims, and hard to reach right now. Please realize we are not finder-fee brokers holding back offers for a larger fee. Do not call us for more info.



Understing what is happening to the USD

Click the ore cart to read the 21 page information only article... nothing to sell other than an idea... or save as a virus free PDF.


Back on the trail again from MiningMagazines.com being hack-attacked, here, at MiningInvestment.com from 2013 the so-so editorial article that apparently leads to a Mr. Anonymous out of New Zealand being so zealous in personally labeling Barry Murray as a possible fraud?

Oh well. Can't please all of our readers looking for free, independent third party thinking used to showcase other claim holder prospects.

Opportunities we trust from a magazine staff of a collected 100 years of field experience to understand that what is valid to sell outright; or let out on a standard 'miners production lease'; or best of all a protected from flipping "earn-in joint venture."

At least some of our "bullion" Ad-sense Banner Advertisers liked the heads up at the time. The content they began to use in their phone sales calls. And now as a portable mining investment information source concerning that can be legally forwarded for not being a "pump and dump" security selling paper instead of product.

This 9-page MiningInvestment101-1.pdf white paper was the first in a hack recovery attempt for MiningInvestment.com.

As MiningMagazines.com does not own, or sell stock in any gold properties, the content of this magazine style 'think piece' is entirely made possible by "PBS-style" support of generous donors

Expect that the truth of mining investment, as seen from the supply side of the business, will end up in a $20+ hard bound book that cannot be censored on the Internet.

So, as we really are in need of quality content, instead of sending us unsolicited and undocumented Spam emailed PR puff pieces, how about suggesting a possible freelance article (similar in style to "Foolish Gold" with an old-fashioned query letter to the editor of MiningInvestment.com?





Another junk pile survivor of the off-shore multinational tidal wave that crashed ashore to deluge disinformation on the last of independent US Mining interests.

This 2011 five-page PDF, with initially a $1 price tag to download, also may have been a MiningInvestment.com target, as was the 2013 golden "great yawn" piece featured above.

This "no advertising" download is free for now until it is updated.

And this is a rescue of the worth saving articles of an almost defunct GoldMining.net that was punished for not following "1% party line rules"!

We don't feel that the web stats documentation of this free on-line magazine went from 300 unique visitors per day to 3 unique visitors per day, almost overnight, is simply paranoia. Nor that the copyright spoof vandals all foreign governments.

Author Barry Murray, at 78 years old, will be keeping these memoir stories for his TheProspector book when he sold through a DRM independent BannerBooks.com.

But, for now, clicking the cover will lead deep into the web archives, funded by banner ads, placed by businessmen on our side who understand what truthfully could be said about gold ventures ... "Hey, it's a jungle out there"!




Here is a list of targeted on-line publications we will be re-building, among others, to avoid passing along any self serving malware 'mischief' misery from some very stupid operators who think they are above the law.

WesternMiner.com; Property-Prospect-Showcase.com ; MinersExchange.com ;Mining-Equipment.org ; Dimensional-Stone.net ; Iron-Ore.net ; GoldMiningClaims.net ; SilverMiningClaims.com; Silica-Ore.com; NevadaMining.net ; DiversifiedInvestments.net ; TheMiningInvestor.com All of which are in need of new PDF style information articles.

We have other unused URLs dating from the rush to register a claim, way back in the days of Dot-Com failure. Know that all are open to editorial bundling into a legitimate joint venture.

For now, damn the 404 errors, we are getting for doing the right thing by deleting vulnerable the back door archives still accessed by spoof sites. Sorry about that.

Want to help continue maintaining the mining side of truth? Let us know by contacting the old-fashioned magazine masthead (required by the US Post Office) 1986 founder of Mac&Murray Advertising and Publishing, that knows through experience a thing or two about what "truth in advertising" FTC regulations are supposed to be covering.

Trying to make e-mail work

In the old days of my publishing a high-end gloss color print magazine called Economic Currents, I was required by the US Post Office to list publisher's masthead information as:

Mac&Murray Publishing
POB 678
Waldport, Oregon



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