Established way back in a business as usual 1900's, MiningMagazines, until it was attacked out of New Zealand as a possible fraud  had a good reputation of being on the side of WesterMiner Minors.

> HACKING at HACKERS this time around:
Given that without a full floor department of expensive IT personnel (taking away $'s needed for content providers) and realizing the anonymous fake news imitators who have been pinging and ponging and phishing our publications and otherwise misdirecting supposedly safe e-mail addresses, it is appearing that unless the FTC and the FCC actually deliver on their robust promises to save the Internet, well, we with an actual free press experience background may be forced to go back to the time-tested format of a subscription-based support, including full-page media placement ads following the "back cover" of a PDF article either read online, or printed on paper, for boardroom meetings.

Opportunities in Unknown Minerals over the Undervalued: Mother Earth is our Time Proven Chartable Source of Wealth: The coming correction in over manipulated leveraged paper mining and Stock Companys (some of the biggest) that do not actually own any mineral outright stored in underground vaults, or in leased Documented Reserves.

What is Foolish Gold? ; The Silver Bowl; Looking small into Nano Si02 Green Mining dealing with Global Climate Change; No, Dummy, you cannot possibly expect to buy a working gold mine for no money down.

Be careful dealing with AU investment opportunities
Another distorted by manipulation mineral

Our mission statement for the past 20 years has been to support the US supply side of the Mining Law of 1872 Lode and Placer Claims (locatable only on public land in only 19 "mineral entry states) by presenting property portfolios with no skeletons to hide behind legalize small print jargon and financial anacronyms.

This E-magazine and linked publications were formed in the early days of the Internet Information Highway, as the world wide web seemed to have solved the cost of photocopying, tipping in photos, binding, and express overnight shipping of geological reports that could run up to $50-100 package per inquiry, The thought then, and should be now, that in the Age of Information

Our advice to property owners is to avoid a self-serving SEC restraint of trades not publically selling stock to widows and orphans by advertising with approved "tombstone ad" or other red herring IPO prospectus explanations worthy of a sly chuckle.

The secret was to do it yourself by offering a property "for sale by owner"; or buy-in joint venture, or any other way to get the offer to the consumer public of potential partners (who are not classed as "qualified investors" for not already having a net worth of over a million dollars) without the "investor relations" button, a practice which quickly disappeared after the DotCom bubble burst.

Something that seems to have also disappeared during the "foreign?" hack-attacks on our web-ring was, known for publishing valid $300 for listing, not advertising, "real" prospects that met our standards of packaging of valid documentation for our readers.

Potential investors, which in an old-fashioned way of thinking about circulation, where the reader actually controlled by subscription news magazines like LIFE, Look, Saturday Evening Post, and a very respected Businessweek, which is still alive today through a Bloomberg subscription special of $12/12 weeks.


As Bloomberg, and England's respected operational aspects on large scale global mining industry. The answer to honesty that in an era of fingerpointing to "Fake News" without realizing that three digits are clearly pointing right back to the speaker, usually identifiable by the volume of his injustice.

Our niché is packaging and presenting protected "product" portfolios that are strong enough to survive pumping share prices up, benefiting inside management before they turn around to dump shareholders through a CEO/ CFO exercising his "golden parachute" option of earning a large fee by driving a "shell game" corporation into bankruptcy

The truth is that it is not that easy today to find and "flip for immediate profit" a free-traded lead mine (even accompanied by solar photovoltaic minerals) that inherently are not capitalistic casino tiddleywink chips, even if protected by "hedge funds" supposedly backing up the at-risk player. And, the exploration market seems to have become focused on rounding up sheeple who only believe the "Pissst!" of a Twitter "best-kept secret", to be flocked.

This is exactly why we have added a new magazine,, that is set-up to accommodate old-fashioned grubstake earn-in joint venturing to perhaps (or not) bring documented claims with a valid plan of operation into www.ECO-Minerals-Stockpile protection for turn-key contracting (or not) with, to produce product instead of more and more paper.

For more reasons why to avoid the collusion of the SEC/WALL STREET/DEEP STATE insider traders (or is that spelled, traitors?) who promulgated a nuisance lawsuit against Elon Musk for simply thinking out-loud on twitter that he was considering taking Tesla public. Obviously, following the money, these are the same anonymous "Good Old Boy Club" members that had a huge laugh sending a fellow professional magazine publisher, Martha Stewert, away on a sabbatical for the violation of "super-housewife" thinking she could get away with challenging their venue. All this also explains what, and, and has been going through vicious, and politically scary, hack attacks that really smack of competitor censorship.


Those actually setting on documented reserves usually can easily explain why manipulated metal prices have not kept up with deep state manipulated inflation/deflation. We also understand that the FCC, since the Obama regulations sweep has done nothing to help protect small, independent publishers from deep state gluttony. And that the FTC seems to given up fighting Sherman Anti-trust mergers into worldwide monopolies, or not good for the USA multinational conglomerates that also use Candidate Trumps favorite "flow-through" tax advantages that have a hidden bonus of legally allowing (Super PAC contributors) to use what used to be considered unfair trade practises to stifle emerging competition.

This is why the Barry Murray Land and Mineral Trust which already has a uniform, but undrilled mineral deposit showing a visible length x width x depth measured by the USGS, Bureau of (now defunct) Mines), State of Oregon Department of Mineral Industries, and independent consulting geologists, to be 700 million tons. Make that 250 Million ton to be on the safe side to mine underground calculations. But consider that when the mountain is drilled from inside, what is considered a sill, in a batholitic "rare earths" pipe, may extend to sea level which could enable ore cart to roll-on seagoing barge transportation.

This Peralkaline Nepheline Syenite "Cement" replacement deposit with only a smaller 3M property in New Mexico is the fair and well run US competition. They also seem to be focusing on other product use than housing. The multinational cartel competitor of an affordable house building material is run by a single family in Belgium and operates out of Ontario, Canada, and Norway. The largest deposits in the world of nepheline based géocement are in Russia which has followed China's lead in 3-D printing of houses.

China's limited supply of the almost exact same chemistry as Oregon's Table Mountain is selling for $250 per ton FOB, Do the math of 250,000 million tons at $250 per ton to see why single claims signers (32 twenty acres ORMG registered claims covering an almost square mile) 79-year old Barry Murray is worried about finding small "checks and balances" investors to make the dream of using Nepheline Syenite cement to override global warming interests very much against affordable housing needs.

In short, his plan is for an individual to make a $20 per ton, in-place, purchase that is passed along by simple contracts flowing through to help build affordable homes in ECO Village Developments that are totally solar off-grid (or not) except for roadway access.

Larger corporations, if "real", are invited to join in the flowthrough advantages by funding an MLP joint venture that protects the individual's buy-in and flow-through opportunity, and the collective suggestion that (set up as a CO-OP) homes will maintain a price-point advantage over stick-built housing.

Do away with stocks to buy-in to an investment through "buy the ton".

An affordable informative First Amendment "magazine way" for individual investors to flow right past flawed SEC and special interest IPO multi-billionaire programmed instructions, by using a simple "horse-trading" in-place one ton of ore bill of sale certificate instead of ETF promises, or other leveraged "financial instruments" that merely pretend to pay the piper, to actually play with the "big boys" with your own grassroots up, at risk, tax advantaged retirement program. To buy into any of this dream, direct for now (sorry you will have to type it out ourself) to connect with the old prospector claim owner at a still functioning:

Nepheline Syenite is a unique "rare earths" mineral that now has a use as a ECO concrete

Click the magazine cover to go to a locked PDF to read, or download.


Purchase a $20 per in-place single ton of Table Mountain, Oregon Nepheline Syenite.

Do your personal due diligence research, leading to buying into an affordable way for individual investors to flow right past flawed IPO multi-billion programed introductions that discriminate against the established 1872 "Prudent Man" wanting to sell rock solid tonnage.

The legal "buy the ton" is made possible through a closely held ECO-Minerals-Stockpile which guarantees established Mining Law of 1872 rules dealing with apex rights, associated "companies" underground tonnage, and the quirk that said "real property" somehow does not qualify for "real estate" title insurance, that Table Mountain will not be sold for "no money down", exported, or hypothecated, or otherwise subordinated for a quick flip profit.

A developing mine starts with manpower. Not undocumented speculation

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Pay an additional $20 per in-place single-ton Service Fee to help start-up an independent company of for the development of R&D affordable housing demonstrations used for national marketing management exposure of your private, Schedule "C" at risk business enterprise of being a FoamKrete@™ Dealer.

This enterprise to legally be a separate corporation not really controlled by, or Barry Murray, other than by a lien protecting the underlying mining claims from fraudulent abuse of the Plan of Action. And his commitment to back all of the flow-through enterprises with the reserve mining claims valued in the billions, providing management doesn't put a kink in the Nepheline Syenite hose of reasonable affordable housing flow-through building


This is a hard rock project without the difficulties of soft coal production

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Plunk down another $20 per in-place single-ton down payment on the countertop for a turn-key contract issued by ECO-Foam-Krete to

This will put you into line waiting for delivery after a yet to be formed separate corporation that will be responsible to correctly perform as the the USFS Plan of Action "operators of the claims" dealing with the commercial use licensed use of the FS 52 haul road, to deliver a wholesale product to a local Native owned rail-barge-trucking center.

As this contract from ECO-Foam-Krete is suggested to be a "cost plus 10%" will require more upfront funding beyond a bootstrap $20, plus $20, plus $20 payment, or $60 total at this time before production actually starts, Barry Murray has offered to supply additional tonnage that may be traded/sold via What is needed is an over safe funding of a $5 million operating budget to purchase ECO mining and milling equipment to make this long-term dream happen for an ROI return that reflects a minerals value not subject to inflation/deflation.

Unlike BitCoin this format actually has a rock solid base

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The whole point of Murray's flow-through is to avoid the tricks and traps of a listed public stockmarket in choas right now because functioning manufacturers are borrowing cheap money to buy their own stock back to go priviate. Why? To avoid the long term consequences of what financial newsletter are calling the coming "readjustment" in values.

In past investment bank bankruptcy panics the wealthy with safe deposit in gold and silver coins, that could be access ed before FDR's Executive Order confinscation, would bury their retirement income in the backyard.

This is part of the reason for suggesting someone who is not afraid of competing with BitCoins, offer a MinersExchange window to store the Nepheline Syenite one ton based Bill of Sale, and the validation of a saleable product Service Fee numbered regrestration, and a Down Payment Contract, would most likely find the storage in an "underground vault" would be safe place to protect an investment before paying off the balance due for mining and milling to take delivery of a basic needs material.

A very affordable answer to the Pacific Northwests housing crisis.

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This is the Retail Dealer Brochure that can easily be customized, for a small graphic artists modification charge, where the cover imprint displays an independent's name and phone number.

This perhaps should be used with other dealers in a geographical area to form a very protective FoamKrete™ Distributorship that would also have an advantage reaching the almost do-it-yourself ProSumer contractor with a rental department of on-site house building equipment as a mixer/pump and reusable forms.

And perhaps being the custom order outlet for bolt together "smart roof" third generation thin-film solar, with "gutter-to-gutter" rainwater harvesting flame-proof panels. Which when combined with a floatable Nepheline Syenite "boat floor" with walls that have a four hour at 3,000-degree rating, sort of solves the catastrophic problem developing of required housing insurance companies failing.


Those that are trying to hold back the wave of ECO logical solutions to regain blue skys once again, will tell you almost anything to defend dirty coal.

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This also will develop into a public brochure combining the cutting edge of ECO technology past a "locked-in" advantage of being a FoamKrete™ tonnage supplier when building CO-OP villages.

As this venture is not totally owned by Barry Murray his desire is that like minded individuals concerned about solving the homeless crisis through innovative ideas responding to a bottom-up system, instead of a 1900's business as usual mindset join into a "zero mortgage" system to overcome the unfair gap between the elite advantage, and the politically disenfranchised, including children who are not all unwashed lazy drug addicts.



And introducing our own "Big Bang" Asperger's Syndrome Mac & Murray Multimedia founder, who unbelievably, once the FoamKrete™ flow-through is safely up and returning a miners' style 2% in-kind royalty retirement, wants to finish out a career that began in a uranium stampede, will end in a rare earths, or a nano-something-or-other, RUSH which will happen, again, when the stock and money markets go through a period of readjustment has just started up another web site of just for the adventurous fun of being "The Oregon Kid" once again banging away with a funny looking hammer on strange looking rocks.

For can-you-believe-his credentials we are listing reprints of Murray's predictions, radical at the time they were published, that may have triggered hack attacks from the "No you are not RIGHT" side of mining that is just now recovering on for simply pointing out obvious truths that some control freaks felt needed to be quashed.

A quick way to understand the confusing terms of difference between ton and tonne.

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Perhaps this article was "misdirected" a few years ago by the grandsons of a "big thumb" grifter tending bar during the Klondike Stampede. The trick then was before dipping into a moosehide gold bag for a pinch to pay for a shot of "hoochachino", the barkeep would first run his fingers through his greasy hair, more or less as today's tip, before some lady known as Lou came along who really knew how to pinch a poke.

Today, the "lookout" warnings are:

1) Be very cautious about buying gold dust, direct, which has not been converted to taxable dollars. And especially brass brazing rod nuggets dropped in oil to imitate the smooth look and feel of something perhaps that in the raw state would have 18K / 75% / 750 parts per thousand in fineness.

2) When dealing with gold bullion make sure the licensed seller would stand behind the replacement value of a heavy tungsten filled plated gold bar.

A very valid project brought to an unhappy finish through dissent between shareholders.

Click the magazine cover to go to a locked PDF to read, or download.

This piece was was the 2016 trigger that brought down Barry Murray's free for the reading online magazine empire, through "shut up" hacking.

Yes, our outnumbered resident crank-a-dank madman was not really qualified to tilt against the windmills he and Don Quixote imagines are giants. As anything, according to Miguel de Cervantes, expressing "Too much sanity may be madness. And maddest of all, to life as it is and not as it should be."

The baffling thing is how many of the predictions have come true it is impossible in today's stock market to suggest the outcome of events contributing to runaway deflation of the purchasing power of the paper dollar.

A loosing proposition due to out-of-control speculation.

Click the magazine cover to go to a locked PDF to read, or download.

Double the shock of Barry's 38-year long experience of staking $14 per ounce silver, to loose it to a collusion of market manipulators in cahoots with BC TSX juniors, Chinese vendors of EB-5 green card visas, and a provable incompetent State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources playing around with bouncing annual Assessment Affidavits that require a time-sensitive filing from closed recorders offices, followed up with a new, phished, online system that eventually reported, to an out of date address, that claims that had cost $500,000 to develop were declared null and void for the lack of a $5,000 annual rental payment.

The sting of those individual decisions over-riding Alaska's Mining Law is lessened by the fact that a simple inflation calculator shows that 1980's $14 silver should cost $42.97 instead of the $14 today, waiting to explode to fill the US industrial needs. Again, what is really going on?


Barry wanted to save this fun expedition article as a sample chapter for his retirement in TheProspector Book, now in production, but we have plans to use this still off-line URL to rebuild a directory of trustworthy links to gold buyers, small exploration mining equipment suppliers, and a bookshelf for helpfull how to manuals, as Barry Murray's anotated version of a BLM Placer Examination principles and practice field guide book to examine placer properties and small mining operatrions.


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