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An online source, for over 20 years, being an advocate for independant pruidant man miners relying on fair play in Mining Law of 1872 goverment actions

Ever since MiningMagazines has entered into a defensive position of supporting Ukraine's Nepheline Syenite from claim jumping, things seem to have been unraveling for those trying to destroy America's Independent Mining Industry for the royalty-free tax benefit of world-wide Multinationals.

Just in time— as ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association is also pointing out that ECO miners absolutely need to be respected for battling Global Warming Climate change brought about by "Science Disbelievers" who have been creating chaos for Evangelical Trump's "Golden Rules" purposes, revealed when walking the talk to church, which became a big boost for BLM.

Since the "door has been opened" by the radical right (who are wrong) mixing religion and politics, and swearing on a Bible while not exactly telling the "God's Honest Truth", about who is actually is winning anything?

Which makes writing the simple truth about geopolitical-religious dogma when battling, for the common good of all creatures, big or small, to help solve Global Warming. An honest effort to save the planet, without dealing in "suspect carbon neutral credits" benefiting a privileged, inside trading, few.

For a totally up-to-date explanation of why investors need to "think ahead" for an Asperger's Ben Franklin best answers (similar to today's ECO Hero, Asperger's Elon Musk's truthful lightening rod) to meet future building needs guidelines and regulations that "the small people" of hard hit America will be demanding.

Which is why we have just Introduced,

The MiningMagazines network has the exclusive access through ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association of a proven mine-able 250 million ton deposit of Nepheline Syenite. With ECO-Minerals-Stockpile/ backing a promise that affordable our Nepheline Syenite housing will

> Have a forest fire resistance of four hours @ 3,000º degrees
> Have a insulation 'R' value off the scale>
> Hydraulic Concrete structures have a better chance surviving floods
> And is street-sound - mold - vermin - stray bullet "proof'

Good thing too... as "TheProspector" has used his individual staked mining claims to start an "umbrella protected" way-way off Wall Street ECO "flow-through" to sell product, needed as a Climate Change answer, instead of just selling "hedged retirement fund" paper— by buying into being part of :

> 1 ECO-Minerals (holding trust covering claims)
> 2 ( a Limited Cooperative Association LCA)
> 3 FoamKrete™.com (not a franchise) or
> 3 (3D printable) or
> 3 (a super strength formula) or
> 3 (in need of scientific experiments)
> 4 (not yet formed)

As further described in this 21 page bulletin, leading to 100's of pages of Academic documentation, which also needs examination as to who said what:

The patriotic blue hat I wear dates from doing my oath-taken duty of defending a democratic America as part of General Le Mays Strategic Air Command, where I was stationed in London at the height of the First Cold War in a one step above Top Secret Photo Intelligence unit that did REDACTED and REDACTED concerning Russian intents. And know ,that I am very angry tabout a general disrospect of the rule of laws concerning critical intel leaks, including loose-liped Congressmen not into the need to know has led to Putin benefitting in his evil dictorial use of power. What has happened to swift and meaningfull laws dealing with treason?

Which is why this "Little Professor Prospector" is offering a behind the scenes peek of yet-another-misinterpretation of fairness in sharing Creator's gift of strategic minerals to mankind —which is why International oligarchs are strutting around with a communist/fascist/raciest Mussolini-Hitler-Stalin-Tojo smirk. In their world there is no left, or right wing, becouse historians know that the

From an MiningMagazines point of view, the real reason for Putin's military adventure invading independent Ukraine was in the ground ground wealth of the Dombas, reported to be:

1st in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores;
2nd place in Europe and 10th place in the world in terms of titanium ore reserves;
2nd place in the world in terms of explored reserves of manganese ores (2.3 billion tons, or 12% of the world's reserves);
2nd largest iron ore reserves in the world (30 billion tons);
2nd place in Europe in terms of mercury ore reserves;
3rd place in Europe (13th place in the world) in shale gas reserves (22 trillion cubic meters);
4th in the world by the total value of natural resources;

Perhaps the most important of all is the political domination of the REE (rare earths or rocks) metallogenetic provinces containing reserves of Nepheline Syenite —(as $2,500,000 in Nepheline Syenite that Ukraine annually ships to Poland. Is this why the oligarchs are so intent to control what American Mineralogist  published as “Silicified” pyrochlore from nepheline syenite (mariupolite) of the Mariupol Massif, SE Ukraine" which until now is part of a independent separatist country?

As Dictator "KGB" adversary Putin is known to maintain the control of an International Marketing Cartel for Nepheline Syenite, as Russia happens to have the largest Al2O3/SiO2 deposits in the world. It makes sense to worry about what the US has to compete with in a USGS new list of 50 mineral commodities critical to the U.S. economy and national security, with Al2O3 being at the top, followed by Rare Earths.

Which is why the focus on an environmentally aware going underground without creating a environmental disaster just happens to be the mission statement of a Edward Deming Total Quality Movement, member managed workforce. Following that idea through to shows why worker members, investment members supplying appropriate mining and milling equipment.

The US has only two commercial sized deposits. A very awesome independent 3M has an operation underway in Arkansas utilizing the Swiss Army Knife Nepheline Syenite for heat resistant and super glass strong products. And Oregon's Table Mountain's reserves in a intrusive pipe related sill, is listed at 500 millions tons —even without deep drilling— which automatically is reduced to a safe to operate underground deposit of only 250,000,000 tons!

And, 'buy' the way, the FOB China price, USD is $350 per ton, for the same chemistry, crushed and milled to a - 325 fineness —for locking together with a same sized lime, that happens to be the secret of a superior strength, without a random sized common variety gravel, or river rock boulders.

Oregon's Coast Table Mountain is fortunate by location, location, location when shipping what 3M ( a US Company to be proud of) has bagged as "Nepheline Syenite 200".

The infighting which will be happening Congresses support to build back better with when replacing Eisenhower Freeway bridges, or solving the track bedding problem for high speed trains, so as not to collapse as a surf-side condo as explained by a white paper—How a Naturally Formed Nepheline Syenite Alumino-Silicate [Al2O3/SiO2] High Performance Geopolymer ‘Paste’ Is Being Left Behind In a One-Sided Race to Replace Excessive High Greenhouse Gas [GHG] Production caused by the Manufacturing of an Out-Of-Date Portland Cement Formula.

As Dictator KGB Putin is known to maintain the control of an International Marketing Cartel for Nepheline Syenite, it makes sense that the reason — Geological Report —The Scientific Way To Deal With Climate Change is to Follow Geological Events Dealing with the Living Rock of the Nepheline Syenite Alumina-Silicate family — has been attacked. A paper being revised before being uploaded again as a locked PDF to prevent A.I. phishing for misquotes.

Where I niavely thought was a friendly affordable ECO friendly affordable housing competition between the "stick built" houses of Koch Brothers Industries that owns Georgia Pacific /Weyerhauser Tree farm, which really is a Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (??) which controls enough land in North America to almost qualify as a European Nation? And, big PAC politically strong enough to ignore (according to CBS News) the President's request to shut down their Russian nepheline hardened glass making plant was answered by a sale to a very powerfull Russian Oligarch.

Hmm— Is this a plot for another Barry Murray historical novel?

This linke has been corrected to CODE—Yellow Chrysanthmum, a title that was electronically stolen as a  E-PDF.

Anti Al Gore Global Warming "big lie" believers somehow cannot politically poo-poo away the top ten of the worst wildfires in US history that needed taxpayer dollars to suppress. And the following costly flash floods. What further studies need to address is the intrigue on how the governor's of Western States are criticized for not managing their "runaway fire-fighting and highway budgets" properly.

About here I should admit a "SNOB" or "Oregon Native Oregon Born" attitude. As a prospector spokesperson, I also am a dedicated tree hugger that worked very well with the USFS when this horse-packer pioneered (with children 8-10-12) the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, by riding 2,500 miles, over 9 months, from Mexico to Canada. Which should give me + marks for logistics.

The coffee table adventure of pioneering the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail by riding 2,500 miles from Mexico to Canada.

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