Andrew Carnegie was a self-made steel tycoon and one of the wealthiest businessmen of the 19th century. Although he had little formal education he made the fortune that supported his habit of paying it back by funding public libraries across the nation to help other incomplete entrepreneurs to compete their life long learning habit through reading.

The canny Scottish American made his fortune by staying away from the false sense of liquidity in watered-down stocks. He was one of the first to recognize that the working, joint venture partnerships based upon percentages in a Vertical Integration system that took physical raw resources through a manufacturing, and marketing to end with delivery to a prudent and practicable customer, was rock solid.

A logical assumption followed, made famous again, as the Total Quality Movement flow-through of Edward Deming, hired by today's Japanese automakers who taught American mega-corp manufacturers how an assembly line works for the common good. That each steep in a number of business transactions actually required attention be paid to the final result of customer satisfaction, rather than a speculative stockholder's ROI.

So, welcome to a "me-too" Barry Murray's Never-Never Land economic value answer of Brigadoon! A reference to a mentor I learned about from books checked out of a free library. Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland not far from where my royal Scottish ancestor Sir Andrew de Moray (Murray) died in the Battle of Stirling Bridge as William Wallace's companion-in-arms.

This happened shortly before the birth of Andrew Murray, who also picked up his father's highland warrior sword to also reach the rank of Defender of Scotland. Both were noted in history for battle cries to freedom fighters of "defend your families home, for if we loose, the wee bairns will not have anyplace to lay their head."

Which explains a wee bit my frugal Scottish focus on affordable housing. And why I followed Carnegie's Vertical Integration "partnership" model, and working percentages avoiding pump and dump stocks, of iron ore flowing from the grassroots up to build a frugal empire of steel. Something that disappeared into a horizontally distracted bankers driven financial empire.

My very unique Nepheline Syenite "Rare Earths" ore, once ground down to nano-size FoamKrete™ ,which when after-mixed with cement expands into a magical home building concrete. The strong water and mold resistant lightweight walls have an ECO 'R' value double that of added-on, or blown in, insulation. Build a tiny self contained house with a sealed envelope "boat floor" and sleep safer on a historic flash flood plain without the worry about not being able to qualify for FEMA insurance.

Or, as CLC sprayed walls, as a dome based upon an inflatable form, which was proven on national TV to withstand wild fire tornadoes by having a Class One fire rating of up to 3,000 degrees for 4-hours! That alone is reason enough to pay attention to a new geopolymer cement based on the pozzilina of historic roman structures still standing strong through tidal surges without "modern" steel re-bar China (years ahead of us in 3D printing concrete and elevated railroad pylons) is now mandating be replaced with vanadium.

Along the ECO off-grid flow-through some attention should be paid to the fact that the natural, PH neutral, non-toxic Roman Cement Alumna Oxide (Al203) reacts with Silicon Dioxide (Si02) when activated by sea water, or other chemically safe products, to produce a foamed volume that replaces up to 60 percent of the costs of "dense" concrete. Which also promises, thanks to Russia using geopolymer Nepheline Syenite on-site pump-able concrete to build, in arctic conditions, $10,000 total cost needed for shelter houses.

Given that Silicon wafers are used as a substrate for conventional wafer-based solar cells, it follows that a FoamKrete™ would work well with embedding photovoltaics of a total third generation solar thin film roof. Make this a gutter-to-gutter clean, fresh, rainwater harvester smart roof, which would become a very important component of an off-grid ECO community.

So let me showoff a modern Andrew Carnegie Vertical Integration flow-through, of a ton of iron ore, actually a more difficult to pull off than a horizontal business plan of acquiring mining properties assets, as Oregon's Cornucopia gold mine, which really had nothing to do with marketing Quaker Oats.

Starting with acquiring one in-place ton of Nepheline Syenite ore through me as shown on ECO-Minerals-Stockpile for a $20 per ton payment by personal check to a secure POB 678, Waldport, Oregon >>> where we move right along to a just now being incorporated(?) of where for another $20 check (to Barry Murray for now) you will be validated by your one-ton Bill of Sale, and marketing ECO Service one ton Fee Contract, to become an independent >>> FoamKrete™ dealer.

To further your private non-securities "at risk" Schedule C business status, one option heading a ROI profit would be to make another $20 per ton down payment on for a ECO-Mining-Milling all costs plus 10% royalty contract, issued by ECO-Foam-Krete to deliver an end FOB end product price to compete on the world marketplace for a ton of almost exactly the same chemistry offered for $250 per ton FOB China, and a hidden per ton price out of Europe that has been pushing $300.

About here I am introducing the logic and purpose of bundling the $20 per ton mineral bill of sale; the $20 per ton receipt for management and marketing services; and the $20 per ton down payment for mine and milling. A total of a $60 bootstrap, for now, called a ECO-Mined-Coin that most likely will maintain a true measure of the wealth of the earth, for a basic need for shelter, no matter what manipulated inflation vs: the deflation of purchasing power may be.

In other words an ECO-Mined-Coin in the long run will absolutely out preform a Bit Coin, or any other Block-chain money raising device bankers can think up every other day.

This is an endeavor I do not want to spend the rest of my life running. I do however own an underused URL of which could be brought back to have a tellers window to manage an inflow/outflow. Talk to ??? about a www grandfathered in leveraging value.

The advantage of independently owning a piece of the unique rock itself is the per ton owner also has the choice of flowing through to regional FoamKrete dealerships. And/or becoming a founding member of a CO-OP that in an Andrew Carnegie way will be giving back to help solve socitial problems through offering information, and a way willing hard workers can help themselves into a pathway to affordable housing on a zero mortgage basis.

And just a reminder that what I am offering for sales and services is the only way to purchase an ECO-Mined-Coin, which makes no pretense at being a security, stock, or legal tender currency.

What it takes to become a "partner player" in the affordable housing business is to trust the Bank of Brigadoon, where I am Chairman of the Board for the simple fact that I control the Table Mountain 250,000 mine-able ton Nepheline Syenite Ore deposit. Which at the ECO-Mined-Coin value of $60 per ton, for now, my frugal Scottish word is worth $50 billion.

So back to the serious stuff. A $20 per ton + $20 per ton marketing service fee + $20 down payment ( $ 60 per ton) on an expected to be less than a promised(?) FOB $150 delivery price. Or, at least be a final figure below the Chinese competition FOB price of $250 per ton. To help keep the momentum going before someone actually steps up to fund the start-up of who is designated to be costs plus 10% "operators of the claims" on the strict ECO US Forest Service "surface disturbance plan of action."

As my poor 'empire' has been so brutally attacked by self serving competitors with illegal FCC and FTC horizontal conglomerates and monopoly power, guess I will have to disclose that (knowing I will be spammed) the e-mail address to reply to before it is "harvested" is The robocalled telephoned number is 503-753-5868. Please excuse my rudeness if it takes time to establish who and what you are.

Which makes the safest way to own a ECO-Mined-Coin "buy the ton" certificate is to mail a check made out to Barry Murray for $60, for each ton, to POB 678, Waldport, OR 97394. I could send a PayPal invoice, but I really would like to know who I would in in business with. And, you can also be assured that the U.S. Post Office has a mail and wire fraud inspection office that has a lot more teeth over what has been slipping through regulatory agencies with a "too big to jail" attitude.


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