"Yup," I said again to "Sir Francis duh third" guiding him on an impromptu 150-mile road trip so he could do his own personal corporate due diligence looking to buy control of one of the "small business" size mining claim block opportunities still left throughout the Code of Old West Mining Law of 1872 mining claims country, if you know where to look.

"Yup," I slowly rambled on more or less to calm Frank down to the point of letting go of his handhold on my small lightweight four wheel drive, named pequeño burro (little donkey", that uses finesse to crawl over just about anything, instead of ram powering through to get stuck so bad it would take at least a day's walk to find a small cat to dig you out.

"What happened to the road?" Frank asked two hours after leaving a paved highway, and then a gravel road, leading to a dirt track with three barbed wire drift fences for him to open and close. I would have done my share of this difficult chore. Dangerous when range cows were still bawling about losing their feedlot sized calf, but 'someone' did not know how to use a stick shift to drive on through.

"What you are looking at," I replied in geological terms, "is identified as the playa. And is a handy highway for a lot of supposedly illiterate prospectors who talk in chemical symbols searching for a possible source of the "new micro minerals."

As we kept grinding through transfer case gears on an untested surface, I continued with some practical prattle about "just be glad you are not trying to find your way to an early advertising cliché of a "Somewhere West of Laramie" parody. Those of us that follow the Canadian TSX PR synchronized lip flapping chorus line representing "Juniors" that used to have a bankable reputation, well the joke is now; "The best kept secret-secret-secret location now is somewhere South East of Wickenburg"!

And the "location-location-location" is further protected from non-circ claim jumpers for not disclosing that a copy of a legitimate claim map is required for filing as a public record by the BLM to obtain an MC number."

"Oops. Sorry about that Pilgrim, for bouncing over the hidden bump on the marge between this dry lake shoreline and a dry wash, which just as easily could have been quicksand. This arroyo has been replenished once again after one of Al Gores "never happened" Climate Change flash floods. See that sparkling ring around the bathtub showing signs of being a thin layer of flood gold?"

"Let's stop and pan that," Frank suggested with a fever, not wanting to drive by the first sign of natural GOLD he had even seen.

Which led to a half-hour of burning daylight discussion while we tried to collect enough flour gold dust into a dry pan to save for processing at a stock pond on our route out. I told him a tale about a friend of mine converting a turbo vacuum cleaner to "clean up" the flour gold that fools so many of those Wickenburg people, and spent two days not even making wages.

"For now, let's just old-fashion prospect up the ravine to see if the source is anywhere near the advertised prospect you are looking for. And hope that we find a camouflaged cabin, hidden from aerial survey, which could tell us that the owner('s) are quietly working their small rabbit hole in the ground as a personal "bank account" one really doesn't want to brag about".

And, if we just happen run into a crazy looking Westerner with a shotgun "just out hunting Snipe" let me do the talking to establish you are not another crazy thinking Back-East Coot "just looking for an operating gold mine, for sale, on a no money down contract."

Sometimes when us wool stocking supply-siders are trying to communicate in ounces in measured tons of AU, BE, CU, well we do not trust the silk stocking financial insiders that rely on AI, BP, CV initials to small print legalize everything into what? Claim jumping?

I won't disclose the end of Frank's closed-lip saga search for AU, which really as it isn't considered currency until final processing, doesn't have a rewarding for free public disclosure conclusion. Especially with old timers hiding a stash of jewelry nuggets in a coffee can in plain sight above a wood burning stove.

But, on an interesting twist of "gold is where you find it", and that can be in a conglomerate form containing photo-voltaic minerals, had led to re-discovering the surrounding "country rock" of having a "gray gold" industrial mineral replacement value.

Which would make Frank's find it a good candidate for a turn-key contracting with www.ECO-Mining-Milling.com (in the start-up stage of a buy-in investment opportunities into an LLC?) on a costs plus 10% contract, backed by the massive assets of www.ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.net as explained further in the locked for security Adobe Acrobat format we will be using to bring in other properties too small for the economy of scale mining majors.

In an era when fellow Asperger's thinkers as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk (all in the business of creating wealth just for the fun of the game) are learning how not to be harassed by greedy small-brained stock owners, you too need to ignore the advice of anyone on the Internet that does not back up what they say with better than transparent documentation.

Something that casino capitalism hedge fund managers, platform trading, credit default swap gamblers, and control freak investment bankers that think God created IPO's exclusively just for them, have difficulty proving past the power of "Huh!"

Something I learned by visiting Bear Sterns a number of years ago with cowboy hat in hand to raise $3 million to drill a silver property; and was told to, in effect, bring them $3 million to bring in a $6 million payday. I also didn't enjoy being so rudely laughed at for not really understanding how underwriter investment bankers, as a powerful, untouchable, Bear Sterns could demand 100% risk free ventures? I guess they learned a thing or two in '08 about wearing a necktie so tight It cut off circulation to the brain.

Hence, my best idea for disrespected frontier individuals (cowboys and hillbillies) who are less than qualified to be in the 50% demographic of independent shareholder's, is to bypass Back East inflation/deflation flipping frenzies. Survive the next predictable paper default bubble bursting crash, and by actually owning a proven and measured rock solid ton unit of the natural wealth of the Earth, instead of an unbacked stock. Now is the time where a private individual can power play on the supply side of what is left of a US mineral exploration (small) business, and actually end up retiring to an affordable home.

Of course I personally would talk to bona fide principals, of proven capital resources that don't talk out the side of their mouths, about leasing a proven 500 million ton deposit of Nepheline Syenite, on a miner's 2% royalty basis, with an up-front, and minimum annual royalty of $$$$$$$$?'s.

Sorry to resort to symbols as the chemistry of the Table Mountain deposit is almost the exact same as what is being sold for $250 per ton, FOB China, when ground down to face-powder size as displayed on Alibaba.com. I do not really know how to calculate 500 million times $250 into an understandable concept.

This is why clicking the cover of ECO-Foam-Krete.com, as yet a unincorporated start-up, may give individuals an understanding of how a $20 "buy the ton owner/dealer" bill of sale flow-through by other independent contracts, will have an ROI payday from the wholesale price of a delivered product as a DIY home building material, perhaps flowing through once again on consignment for a retail sale profit for a FoamKrete.com distributor. And/or a buy-in position of an ECO-Housing-America off-grid village; work from home business center; or timeshare resort, etc..

The FoamKrete™ dream of affordable housing that can withstand climate change wildfires, hurricanes, tidal surging, and flash flooding, will be efficiently accomplished through bypassing a manipulated stock market that recently accused the genius creative thinking of Elon Musk as a fraud.

Which, as Asperger's syndrome genies Elon is so busy working on big brained 22nd Century projects, he answered the waste of everyone's time action, except lawyers, in a kangaroo "traffic court" by simply paying the legal (?) "blackmailers ransom," sorry I should have said, fine.

The small-minded investor's complaints to a colluded SEC were based upon not making enough money flipping their speculative position shares. We all were lucky he did not simply throw up his make America Great Again hands and move to Australia where his successful solar battery project is now a French IPO.

Remember when Apple shareholders brought in a Pepsi-Cola CEO to fire Steve jobs? He simply went off mad to start up Pixar which he sold to Walt Disney before coming back for $1 per year to save Apple from bankruptcy by building it into the mega corporation it is today.

Memo to Elon: Bring your private LA tunneling system to Table Mountain for a $1 per year payday to take over ECO-Mining-Milling of this individually owned in-place FoamKrete.com ore on a royalty liens basis to help fund zero mortgages.

How? By flowing-through a ton unit being delivered into a ECO-Housing-America.com Pacific Northwest style C0-OP (as plywood factories, or the REI of recreational equipment fame) solution to a totally out of hand homeless problems.

ECO-Foam-Krete.com is a second step choice of flowing through from a www.ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.com (land and mineral Trust) one-ton in-place purchase certificate to flow through by a contract with ECO-Mining-Milling.com (this too is a start-up) to deliver one-ton units of product for a wholesale ROI, or again flowing through to be a part of a FoamKrete.com (LLC) regional distributorship that sets the retail price to help a population stressed that they had no TARP bailout to save homes lost in the 2008 Bear Sterns mortgage bankruptcy.

Grassroots funding to contracting ECO mining and milling od a much needed affordable concrete perfect for recovery of wildfire and flooding destroyed homes.

I am ticked that mortgage banks got rid of a safe and sane Saving and Loans Mortgage Institutions silly requirement that a family's biggest lifetime investment in a home should not exceed twice annual income.

This happened about the same time individual bankruptcy rules were tightened. Which is why I am on the zero mortgage DYI rebuilding side, answering after all the "fake science" climate change crisis happening everyday.

Remember candidate Trump bragging that the "smart" pathway to wealth was flow-through for legal tax-saving purposes. Unfortunately, the poor man with "less than $500,000 annual income per year", and widows and orphans were directed to the servants' entrance of a do-it-yourself "Limited Liability Companies for Dummies" legal advice for non-professionals not considered intelligent enough to figure out what the 2% is really up to. Really a full-time job, also requiring floors full of Marc Stuart Dreier lawyers, and Arthur Andersen accountants when going past a simple bill of sale receipt, or I-owe-you contract for services.

Which really makes this a good place to mention that there already are a few 98 percentile individual small businesspersons dealing with a recognizable valued product that is not a "hobby enterprise" who file a Form C self-employment exemption with their 1040 by clicking the box marked "At Risk" for dealing with "a Real Venture" that have "proven reserves". And that individuals other than myself should take advantage of the Nepheline Syenite start-up opportunity here, of running this ECO-Foam-Krete.com management website.

As the not-yet-mined $5 billion of in-place-tons held for futures trading value, while still in an underground vault, are considered by some "financial thinkers" to be better than a block-chain Bit-coin.

All I ask for being an automatic built-in backing to protect the overall value of the claims, is for you (unknown at this moment) find me a www.ECO-Mined-Coin.com LLC sanctioned swap. I am looking for something so overpriced in paper dollars the owner is having trouble selling; a ranch, resort, airplane, or live aboard yacht for an outrageous swap to play with when I semi-retire from business in four months on my 80th birthday.

ECO-Mined-Coins is actually a tradeable coupon  representating one in-place ton of a unique  US nepheline syenite syenite that will be processed into a retail valued FoamKrete™ ROI ton.

After 60-years adventuring as a prospector, I have been looking to have some fun getting away from "business stuff," after the USDA Plan of Action is approved on one of the "Greenest" Form 2800-5 filings ever made. Access this by clicking on the MiningMagazines E-Prospect Report Cover.

A model, I think, after "partnering" for almost a lifetime with the government's Mining Law of 1872, for others to follow with their Forest Services, or BLM Plan of Actions that have a "political correctness" in acknowledging that the US Forest Service's Mission of is fivefold: Forest, Watershed, Grazing, Recreation, and Mining.

I want to head out again, at 80 years, sort of semi-retired, on a joint venture financial grubstake, with decision-making partners, or my long time independent consulting geologist and a young mentored prospector returning to adventure looking for today's stake-able minerals; or small property owners who would listen to the former editor of www.WesternMiner.com, that also was a part of my www.MiningMagazines.com empire (up for sale I guess), on how to merge the minerals supply side, and the mining investment side.

Something I have been attempting to do with www.MiningInvestment.com, and www.TheMininginvestor.com, before they were hacked apart by (allegedly) a major multinational stockbroker, an International industrial metal cartel, a huge private energy company I caught playing the "shell game shuffle" to get rid of previous investors, and a "local" consortium of Sherman Anti-trust violators the FTC has yet to catch up with for an Elon Musk style slap on the wrist..

The real reason the UN thinks ECO resource mining is the only possible option for the future of our International home, is that the soap opera aspect of "As the World Turns" sung at the un-harmonized Paris Climate Accord, is that prevailing winds are an aftermath of the Earth spinning towards the West, which leaves an acid rain fallout to the East.

Which strangely enough is proactive expanded upon the management of through-clicking the cover of the Mining Magazines E-Prospect report leading to 160+ pages of PDF documentation concerning USFS added value, mining, and biz plans of action. scientific thesis, impeccable geological reports, and claim maps securely presented out of an Adobe Acrobat publication cloud.

ECO-Mining-Milling.com (a not yet formed independent business management venture, complete with an ECO-Foam-Krete.com R&D department) as filed in a USFS plan of action, here. Now this is what a full mining disclosure should be.

I also intend to independently support the retail FoamKrete™ even after I, and each one-ton certificate holder, receive our 2% royalty through www.ECO-Foam-Krete.com that is in per-single-ton audit control.

Introducing a nanotech mineral to help battle the effects of climate change. This document takes 64 pages + links to other PDFs to fill out a simple USDA 7-page form has the transparent benefit of telling the truth.

Know that after filing a 30-day yes/no response was required; followed by a 60-day "with these changes" response that I still haven't received.

However, I, and common sense science, will prevail over slow moving bureaucratic decisions to make everything proper.


One of the best guide books ever written, updates by today's notations.

Personally, after supposedly retiring "The Prospector's" 63-years of adventuring and having fun banging on rocks, will be on a quest that to find the rest of the Holy Grail of "foaming" Roman Cement, for ECO Housing. Hopefully reducing the required amount of Portland Cement whose manufacture of is the second largest producer of greenhouse gases. And, to overriding the practice of substituting coal-burning fuel generated fly ash, the third largest producer, for a natural non-toxic, NiSO2 aggregate.

TheProspector.com is looking for grubstake partners ( I have given away too much free advice in a lifetime of remembering bits and pieces of information) to adventure out into the field again to add strength to www.ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.com with a Roman wisdom.

Especially when underwritten through an unplanned for byproduct of photo-voltaic gold, silver, zinc, copper to be embedded as a thin film "silica sand" solar roof which could be an important envelope part of an ECO insulating "R" value FoamKrete™ off-grid storm proof roof.

And, that really is the sole purpose, on the eve of my turning 80 years of age, of launching yet-another-website linked to my 1997 TheProspector.com, and 2001 MiningMagazines.com empire, is that when this horse packing pioneer of the Pacific Crest Trail (see SearchforaShadowofthePast.com) saddles-up to cross over the great divide I will be trailing a pack horse string strutting the fact that this high school "right to life" mustang dropout, besides knowing the trail to the next long overdue "gold rush", also did a few things right in his life.


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