WW2 Spy Thriller
CODE-YellowChrysanthemum.com is an update to an earlier edition to include the release of classified documents on the 75th Anniversary of the Japanese 'surprise' attack on Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii in 1941.
Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail
This is a soon to be released 600 page folio of 300 pages of full-bleed color, and 300 pages of text formatted in a fixed page format that respects 500 years of the typographic principles of setting type.
California Gold Rush How-To instuctions
Another E-Book popular enough today that is going through a reformatting to fit comfortably upon an I-Pad, or slate, or Kindle Reader. The climate change floods of California may have started another 'Gold Rush'.
A classic evaluation checklist
This "how too" classic is going into a seven printing, with updated notes, straight from the horse's mouth how to listen to the feedback communication to become a balanced ride partner with a horse trained, instead of broken.
Nepheline syenite is an affordable building material
A massive project that can be broken into two start-up LLCs, or A+ small stock corporations. Nepheline Syenite is as unique material that may be marketed as www.FoamKrete.com and/or www.ECOhousingofAmerica.com.
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