When it comes to managing the only poor man's formulated people's self regulating, Mining Law of 1872, which came into being through Congress authorizing "Mining Districts" to control the chaos of the Gold Rush to California in 1848, invading the República de California, which also included the silver state of Nevada, the time has come for mining camp Districts to publicly speak out about about USFS, or BLM unfair interpretations, or flat out ignoring, of their own Code of Federal Regulations.

The on-line magazine "theProspector.com" was established as a "supply side" publication as a defense against "financial side" abuse of the what is left of the nineteen states open to "mineral entry" more on this at our www.WesternMiner.com database designed to help fellow prospectors look for an outright sale, lease, or joint venture "grubstake". If someone interested in offering you a "No money down on an operating gold mine?" feel free to direct him to a sister publication of "theMiningInvestor.com" to do his due diligence "financial side" homework.

Know that, back in the day, it took took a lot of public relations placement in newspapers as San Francisco's "Old Chronicle; magazines as "Overland Monthly" (Mark Twain, Jack London); and novels as Bret Harts' "Outcasts of Poker Flat". And then there was "Paint Your Wagon" with Miner's Law spokespersons/singers Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin, filmed right in the middle of the Whorehouse Flat Mining District thanks to permitting by the US Forest Service.

The individual prospectors supplied answers legalizing what was considered to be a valid mining claim regulations for their district, which joined with other districts went on to become became the basis of the U.S. Mining Law of 1872. And arguably, they were on the leading edge of conservation and battling global warming. In the1860's Idaho City placer miners were self-limited to three claims (creek, first bench, second bench) worked in a certain neighborly order, which protected the sustainability of a creek which has been replenished over the years with gold after every flood.

This site is a reminder of those days where prospectors have fallen out of favor when it comes to dealing with today's U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Bureau of Management. Where today's empowered bureaucrats make individual decisions, for whatever reasons, in favor of the elite two percent neighbors who just seem to want the '98% to quietly move along without sheepishly bleating while being corralled to be flocked.

Some of the 2% multinational monopoly or conglomerates are not even American citizens. Early Mining Law required that following up a valid mineral discovery that the individual staking a mining claim has to be an American citizen.

Most Mining districts were organized that each individual claim-holder had a democratic single vote over someone back East in New York City, or that district of the other Washington led by Republican President Trump, whose German Immigrant grandfather ran a miner's casino/dance hall girl ("grab them by the pussy") establishment in the Monte Cristo, Washington, Mining District. Which Seattle's KING channel five has labeled "Western Washington was home of first Trump hotel." This was followed by stampeding to Whitehorse during the Klondike Gold Rush where native Athabaskans are still complaining about Trump's disrespect of underpaid sex trade workers.

Or, another sexist, but not raciest, Democrat Bill Clinton's free-trade smoke and mirrors legal mind that exported US mines to Canada's TSX 43-101 Exchange that discriminates against free trade against American geologists, even when working on US owned prospects, through favoring EB-5 green cards that offer Asian mining workforce replacements a permanent US residency for $500K.

So, on the public opinion floor right now in a loosely formed Mining District, for poor people's public feedback, is how to sue minor miner minions for "off the cuff" decisions which could bring around more bankruptcies in the battle to recover strategic minerals, is a "Whose Rock Was This Rock? presentation for public opinion from the Siuslaw Mining District:

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The Nepheline Syenite shown here was not a common variety stockpile


TheProspector.com Barry Murray is asking for input information concerning possible Hatch Act violations, and www.MiningDistricts Forum.com is asking for information to prove what may become a class action lawsuit.

Barry Murray, POB 678, Waldport,Oregon, himself in financial trouble over for having potential investors backing out of establishing FoamKrete.com distributorship's (of a no-recognized value?) is looking for a small "fund me" whip-around to help defend against an illegal attempt to confiscate the recognized mining discovery so that allegedly my politically powerful neighbor could help the SEC sue me for fraud, just as they did to Elon Musk for tweeting he was thinking of taking Tesla private. All I can knowledgeably comment on that is fellow Asperger's syndrome thinkers (defined as the AsS poster child Dr. Sheldon Cooper) do know how to make enemies of those who think they control the flow of nature's wealth of the earth, which supposedly is the basis for paper currency.

If you think you have a similar collusion complaint you want to appear here, then contact our parent publication of www.MiningMagazines.com at MiningMagazines.com@gmail.com. Or BarryMurray.com@gmail.com. The use of a double ".com" is not a typo; you have to typeit out.

We are not in the business of illegally offering legal advice on forming local mining districts where traditionally the claim holders of a mining camp had one vote, per claim, so the miners of each mining district could make regulations, "not in conflict with the laws of the United States, or with the laws of the State or Territory in which the district is situated, governing the location, manner of recording, amount of work necessary to hold possession of a mining claim."  

Our reasearch of Title 30, Chapter 2 , Section 28 research (at https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/30/28) led me to:


"Title 30 U.S. Code § 28 - Mining district regulations by miners: location, recordation, and amount of work; marking of location on ground; records; annual labor or...delinquency in contributing proportion of expenditures; and tunnel as lode expenditure".


Which brings to question does -- 2814.14 - "Right To Manage and Dispose of Common Varieties of Mineral Materials"-- have something to do with Oregon's Nepheline Syenite (one of two US deposits) as supplier of a very Oregon GREEN FoamKrete™ being in competition with Russia, who is the largest supplier of Alumino-Silicates n the world? Take a look at how far US GeoPolymerCement production is behind.

And question a very recent Executive Order (“EO”) 13783, "Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth which should not be relevant for shaping locatable minerals regulations, as evidenced by its very title".

"Which is all overshadowed by: "Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies" Issued on: January 20, 2017

FROM: Reince Priebus, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff
SUBJECT: Regulatory Freeze Pending Review

The President has asked me to communicate to each of you his plan for managing the Federal regulatory process at the outset of his Administration. In order to ensure that the President’s appointees or designees have the opportunity to review any new or pending regulations."

You might remember that White House Chief of Staff was recorded six months later was saying, about chaos and disorganization in the swamp, "Take everything you’ve heard and multiply it by 50!"

Then, after reading Barry Murray's Court of Public Opinion brief ask yourself if the Hatch Act as defined by Wikipedia has any relevance, since :

"The Hatch Act of 1939, officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law whose main provision prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and certain designated high-level officials,[1] from engaging in some forms of political activity."

And since Murray's mining Plan of Action was to go underground to avoid a huge open pit which would have destroyed the idea of following a newly recognized Rare Earths Perovskite Al203, (see Forest Service, USDA § 228.42 on common varities) which also has a value past FoamKrete™ as a thin film solar value, in a material already identified as a valuable mineral known as a Alumina-Silicate Cement. The Table Mountain Sill on a deep seated pipe which in Africa has gone to a depth to a Perovskite Batholith at 5,000 feet. Which for 2.300 feet Table Mountain, potentially the larger of two Prealkiline Nepheline deposits in the US, with the other being 3M, is anything but a Forest Service Common Variety that can be taken away from the claim holder to be put out for a lease to the highest bidder. As neighboring Koch Industries.

And if you are gambler enough to help a true grit Barry retire at age 80, perhaps with a buy the whole thing out by signing a standard miner's lease for 2% of what comes out of the mill on a $? million upfront, and a continuing annual royalty, as others do, and a lien of $? million minimum annual royalty, to protect any small investors that took a risk with flow through FoamKrete™ . Ask him directly at 503-753-5868.


Pioneering the Pacific Creat National Scenic trail by horseback involved riding right through many famous Mining Districts as Poker Flat.
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