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that all seem to have flags and banners flapping to attract attention to the concept they can beat the price of the of the "resort" just down the highway.

And it is a good thing we were somewhat established before that states with a hotel and motel taxes support competitive local tourism by giving families within driving distance a way to make long weekend's or a spring break work, got into the battle for social media coverage before the professionalism of an experienced freelance magazine a travel writer/photographer for LIFE, Holiday, Ford Times, Volkswagen Wonderful World, International Harvester, South Africa's Scope, was almost lost to on-demand TV style talking heads.

Fortunately our readership demographic is measured from the web logs of our uniformly named 50 great "destination" State Travel Magazine .Com URLS, in a "web ring" family of www.USAtravelMagazines.com, which seems to be a good portal for someone in Düsseldorf, or Hong Hong who can't find a print publication of where to vacation in America. Especially when referencing in Japan a rerun of their From Oregon With Love; or our Northern Exposure, with a goofy moose, in competing in England with a popular TV travel show on Northern Ireland, of the number one World wide pick as to a place to to ring in a European Happy New Year.

If you don't believe the international attraction to niche´travel for the experience of visiting exotic faraway places with strange sounding names I can report that not long ago visiting by four-wheel drive the back county Death Valley "must witness yourself" site of The Racetrack which soon will be updated in this new format for CaliforniaTravelMagazine.com, where big rocks mysteriously leave tracks on a mud flat. That wasn't the awe inspiring happenstance for me. It was that out of a random group of 30[?] tourists the day I visited to film, it was apparent I was the only native "American" speaker.

So, after sixteen years of waiting to see if a proper magazine full color vertical format, on a high resolution screen would be coming back for reading on on larger I-Pads, and Slate Tablets, instead of being delivered as a e-pub for smaller smart phones, guess I had better get busy. This time around, with a little more time and resources, I find myself, at 77-years young wanting to tidy up a long line of editorial rewrites before putting a journalistic -30-, or -XXX- (another form of 30) signifying the end of a story.

That is if I find young creative freelance contributors that (not addicted to parenthetical expressions) appreciate the excellence of doing what you can to set a new standard for on-line travel magazines. I am focused on two high level directions for USAtravelMagazines.com readers looking for search engine findable information :

How to Visit?...

... Accompanied with an interactive map of airport to airport automobile or motor-home rental highway loops, named for geographic, historic, or cultural significance, as my daughter Colette has done with her Rainbow Mountain Adventures ///www.Alaska-Travel.net.

The update of the family's AlaskaTravelMagazine.com was reserved for my fishing-hiking-landscape photographer grandson heir apparent whose premature passing has really taken the fun out of exploring Alaska for us for now. The Lost Lake / Mount Hood cover, above, was one of his first credits, with an assist by Miz Bobby Magee.

Using my youngest daughter of the Pacific Crest Trail experience, whose Search For background ended up with two MBA's in travel marketing, the expectation is the commercialism to be discretely handled by "regional travel expert" editors / concierges, accessible through this protected e-mail link , for, say, the Oregon Coast Highway Loop following the Wonderful 101.

Or the Tyee Trail loop being blazed on WashingtonTravelMagazine.com, where I am working on my other photographer grandson, who has made a name for himself as a New York based fashion photo shoot expert being flown all over the world to exotic locations, to at least come home for a visit to work on his Edward Curtis style folio, already recognized by other magazines, on the Pacific Northwest Native Americans who saved the lives of explorers Lewis and Clark.

And Why?...

... In the world would a long distance traveler waste precious vacation time, worth far more in seconds of a lifetime memories than pieces of paper currency, spend the energy of today pretending that "jet setting" is still an adventure today? Something my "favorite oldest daughter" Bernadette knows as a writer/brochure designer for South Pacific Airlines, and Turtle Island, Fiji. And the "Yalla" Middle East of Israel, and Jordon, Egypt, focus on such photographic things as golfing among the pyramids.

So, again following this daughter's thinking, I am suggesting that travel book chapters, accessible via the information highways exploring a destination, as, say, the Oregon Coast Folio of expectational travel photography , will be presented in the full page photo/embedded video "brochure" vertical format as used by my recto/verso Search For A Shadow travel book, accessed through the BannerBooks.com banner above.

For now, during this website redo surviving a massive Internet hack on anything to do with Barry Murray, of Mac&Murray, please click on here to be taken to an outdated site map.

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